Some of these are really good! Where can you find precure 5 episode 26 English subbed? You are commenting using your Twitter account. Precure 5 is my vote, especially after TV-Nihon recently announced they are not going to be subbing that series anymore only produced the first 7 episodes. I’d say give it another day- by Friday night it should be ready! Pretty Cure 5 is subbed by Aesir right now and I hope they will finish it this time. July 26, at

July 25, at 9: Rook, IXA all Forms are no longer needed. The actual distance covered by a flight may vary acc … ording to the flight path chosen. Hell this might be the deepest KR, storywise, since Faiz. On the flipside of that, Kenji Matsuda might be the coolest KR actor ever. Anyways yeah I think my feelings to get this series subbed is clear lol. I know you did that too, but they are doing it a LOT and not only with pun localizations which I understand are hard to translate.

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July 21, 2010

July 21, at 4: Pretty Cure 5 Go Go! It’s worth 20dollars per airline. Rook, IXA all Forms are no longer needed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here There was a recent HD-reairing of PC5 but they come with the caveat of a gigantic goddamn broadcaster logo in the bottomright where, you know, the subtitles go, which makes them practically unusable. Would you like to merge this question into it?


I’d say give epjsode another day- by Friday night it should be ready! Episode 51 shugo chara can you find it in English sub? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

It’ll be interesting the writers handle the last half of the series. Of course, these gift certificates won’t cover tax. How do you get your reward?

Plans for the future… | Pretty Cure Splash Subs

I hope it doesn’t have such a bad ending to the fact that Kiva dies or something because I have seen that too much and I hate it.

I’ll back them up, and be sure to credit you in the first post. In Drama and Acting. Shugo chara episode 51 can you find it in English sub?

Where can you find soul eater episode 40 English sub? Its a Soul eater website it should be. July 21, at 8: Or at least not being a threat.

Maybe on myspace or something else. I have these Chase Rewards that expired on This site uses cookies. But someone do please! Some of these are really good! They have subbed a lot more than just i think up to There are a few examples where the battle ends in a stalemate or the monsters are driven back a bit, but are still a potential threat. As of now, my computer does not have enough space to download the episodes, so I resort to Veoh.


Which episode was the Fangire the woman with the Violin that was hypnotizing Megumi and Yex fought her in the stadium? Just Google what episode you want. July 23, at 9: Does Air Canada offer air mile rewards when flying within Canada? Kiva is damn entertaining James.

In the end it comes down to the preferences of the people working on it. Yes, AMEX are heavily involved with frequent flier programs. July 31, at 4: You can also find most of them on www.

Where can you find the 5th episode of Fresh Pretty Cure with English subs?