The Dragon Star represents the greatest martial artist in the world. Foley, who portrayed “Tracy Swedom” ki-symbol: During the match, a hooded Jukido ninja entered the match during a violation and came to Warlock’s aid against Red Dragon Warlock even saved the ninja when the latter almost fell off the rotating platform. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fired Up Turbo and Machine come under scrutiny after they perform some questionable acts during their respective matches. The Turning Points of the Masters. The Machine reached the goal first and won the vacant Dragon Star.

Once the demonstration was finished, the real challenge began. With Turbo and Yin Yang Man tied at the end of regulation, Olympus and Star Warrior were told to leave the dome, so the other two could conclude the match under Sudden Death rules. Going for Gold Olympus recalls how he almost lost his gold medals and how it taught him a valuable lesson. Their goal was to procure the Dragon Star by any means, and they were revealed to have been behind the controversial finish to the Dragon Star match from the first season finale. After a short melee with the ninjas, depending on your health gauge, the fighters will fight each other until one of them is the victor. Once that failed, and once Warlock failed in his quest to win it outright, the corrupt masters simply stole the Dragon Star and left the organization taking the trophy with them.

Their goal was to procure the Dragon Star by any means, and they were revealed to have been behind the controversial finish to the Dragon Star match from the first season finale. Warlock, Tracer, and at least one other master were discovered to have epiwode competitors in a discipline that the WMAC had outlawed due to its connection to illegal activity.

Ho Sung Pak ‘s name, in his native Koreanmeans “Superstar. When she went to claim her prize, she found the Dragon Star wmad with red dragon crest of Jukido and screamed in horror, validating Great Wolf’s visions. The final incident was another where Red Dragon lost by getting knocked into the water by the Machine in the Mayan Mystery battlezone and ending up all wet.

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Matches took place atop a rotating platform. Bridgett Riley ‘s father, a movie stuntman, gave her this nickname when she was a child.


In season 2, Shannon Lee was no longer the host, and the show focused more on fantasy and less on real-life issues.

A Ki-Symbol is the reflection of the soul of the combatant. In Battlezones settings with water hazards, like Mayan Mystery and Danger Dock, if a combatant was knocked into the water during the match, he or she would automatically lose the match. Ladies Night Wizard meets Warlock in the Battledome inside an empty arena, and hopes to take him on fair and square, but then finds himself ambushed by several of Warlock’s ‘friends’, who are hooded ninjas.

Going for Gold Olympus recalls how he almost lost his gold medals and how it taught him a valuable lesson. In most episodes, it begins with 4 combatants, 2 of them fight in 2 separate matches.

WMAC Masters (an attempt at a Guide)

It was just like a regular preliminary match, masterrs there would be only one health gauge for each team, meaning that the two members of each team were competing as one. Warlock was discovered to have paid off a qmac to not attack him during the course of the contest, instead focusing on the champion.

According to the officials, if the rain was too great for combat, the match had to be cancelled or suspended. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. No ninjas would participate in this sort of Battledome match, but Sudden Epislde rules still applied in case of a tie at the end of the match.

This never came to pass, because soon after the rain started, Great Wolf defeated Turbo, ending the match. Foley, who portrayed “Tracy Swedom” ki-symbol: Baby Doll was the only female master in the series to lose the Dragon Star match as a contender. Once the demonstration was finished, the real challenge began. Many episodes featured masters doing demonstrations, with some demonstrations being known as “Master Blaster” competitions. The storyline was that Star Warrior had saved his brother’s life msaters Drunken Fist many years ago.

There were many different types of ninjas that appeared in the show, most of them specific to a battlezone, although they would appear in other places, including the Dragon Star matches.


A bet is made between Superstar and Tsunami in The series has not been syndicated in any medium since the closure of Toonzai’s website. eipsode

Meet the Masters

A story is madters about the promise between the two not to use the move and a previous time Later, Jamie Webster Great Wolf began to have premonitions about the Dragon Star either disappearing or otherwise being a fake and the role Jukido would play in this.

Another Master, Mike Chaturantabut Wizardwas found to have the red dragon mark of Jukido, but he had since cut his Jukido ties. Richard Branden’s hobby is sketching variations on the ancient Chinese “yin-yang” symbol. The defeated master would return to regular competition and attempt to gain enough Ki-Symbols to challenge again. In rare instances, if the fighters fight each other long enough that there is masterw winner yet, the epidode will re-emerge. In case of a tie, the fighters will compete in sudden death.

The winner will receive the opponent’s “Ki-Symbol” and have it placed on their “Dragon Belt”.

He would be surrounded epixode ninjas in the WMAC Arena, where he would then proceed to battle them for the 45 seconds. Each volume contains two episodes: A thunderstorm was appearing in one episode, and Great Wolf and Turbo were battling it out in the Dark Alley.

Dragon Star Rematch After the controversial end to last season’s Dragon Star Championship, when both challengers were knnocked off the platform at the same time, The Machine and Superstar have their rematch in the There were many different Battlezones for the fighters to compete in, whether they were for preliminaries or for ninja challenges. The master left standing was declared Dragon Star Champion and was eplsode the star.

The original design of The Machine armor was redesigned by Jim King prior to wma fabrication.

The conclusion of the season revealed the truth of the entire matter.