Removing an evil-nigga spirit from a Negro is as hard as removing the stank from a hunk of shit. Should we take him to the doctor? Upstairs, the boys were trying to hold Stinkmeaner down as he woke up and was breaking free from his restraints. We must use these tools that the great god has given us to fight niggas”. Their feud inspires Thugnificent to create a diss-track called “Eff Granddad”. I’m not done with the bathroom” Granddad said as he pulled up his speedo. Huey has a dream of Stinkmeaner and Granddad says that he was a menace and he sent him to hell like he deserves. After seeing a preview on television for Soul Plane 2, Granddad decides to take Huey, Riley, and Jazmine to the movies.

Then you got kicked in your chest! A man’s life or your bed? It was then that the second man turned to face Tom and forced him back away as he aggressively advanced on him. Why the long face? Back at the house, Granddad was preparing for his online date. Huey shook his head in disappointment. The hardest part were the fights scenes, which I hoped turned out okay but then again nobodies probably gonna review to tell me. To him, the joys and happiness of the world meant nothing.

Stinkmeaner quickly glanced at them both as they approached. As soon as he said it, Huey finally realised what he had been missing the whole time. I like to clean too. Grab anything and start beating this nigga. sttrikes

However Stinkmeaner kicked Michael off with his free leg and stibkmeaner crawled on top of him. I got a date? If death can’t sfinkmeaner Stinkmeaner, what can? Can you just tell me what to do, so I can go to bed? This is gonna be funny. What if he pees in the bed or vomit, or shoots a deuce?


That man was a psycho. Story Story Writer Forum Community. He tried to oull him down, Stinkmeaner punched Granddad, sending him flying into the wall.

These things strike fear into a nigga’s heart. Tom, what’s gotten into you? Grabbing Stinkmeaner by collar, Michael then pulled his head back and repeatedly slammed his forehead down on Stinkmeaner’s.

Nigga, get your black ass outta here. Season two started on October 8, with ” In the name of white Jesus and all great white men who have come thereafter, I command thy black nigga soul back to the depths of hell. Mmm, that’s a tough one.

strijes As Riley fell stfikes the floor, Huey got back up and flipped himself in the air to attack Stinkmeaner with a punch and kick, but Stinkmeaner dodged him. My bed ain’t the only bed up in here. Michael moved forward, his fists still raised.

He picked up the phone and made a call to the Catholic chuchr but all he got was a recored message. Everybody was now sitting down around the bed, panting with exhaustion.

The Boondocks s02e04 Episode Script

Still circling, Stinkmeaner struck first, stinkeaner a swing at Michael with his axe. Okay, so here’s the one everybody’s been asking for. If you are calling about sexual abuse-” Granddad hung up the phone in frustration. Michael continued to move around Stinkmeaner in a crouching fashion, dodging his attacks and giving him quick shots with the belt.

And, Stinkmeaner” Huey looked back at him again.

The Boondocks S02E04 – Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

He will use words he don’t really know. The man is crazy. You got a date, Robert?! Now, what’s wrong with you? That’s just the TV! HD The Story of Gangstalicious: In fact I’m a little frighten now” “You frightened? Your granddad’s nigga moment ain’t dead yet” “Well, what am I supposed to do? Elsewhere, Huey was standing out on the hill top overlooking Woodcrest with a grim expression. Granddad whipped his belt and wrapped it around Stinkmeaner’s arm.


Once again Ghostface Killah faded away as Huey pondered his words. He swung the axe at Granddad but missed and hit the laptop inside. Come on let him up! An army of demons suddenly appeared and surrounded him, but Stinkmeaner knocked them all back using a three stick nun chuck. Please fill your email to form below. He wathc killed your granddaddy” “Whoa, whoa, whoa!

The Boondocks S02E04 – Stinkmeaner Strikes Back – Dailymotion Video

Granddad, Huey, Riley and Jazmine must avoid guards after they sneak in to a theatre to watch Soul Plane 2: Huey goes on a hunger strike in a boycott of BET, and receives some high-profile support from Reverend Rollo Goodlove, who may be more interested in his own self-promotion than any good intentions. Getting off his bed he rushed over to the others, moving past Riley who was trying to pull can of gasoline out of Michael’s hands.

They will be no match for you. Oh, come on, you n- Nincompoop. Stinkmeajer comes the pain. Just In All Stories: I still can’t look at yogurt the same way again”. You just got a two-piece combo and biscuit, ho.

Help me, help me.

Inside of a pit of fire, a demonic figure was watching an old black man, dressed in a karate robe, stand within the flames.