Retrieved July 15, He once received a mullet haircut from Tre Cool of Green Day. Views Read Edit View history. The first official Dethklok album was released on September 25, , entitled The Dethalbum. After performing a coffee jingle in the farthest reaches of the Arctic Circle to a sold-out crowd, Dethklok witnesses their French chef being chopped to pieces by the blade of their helicopter restaurant. Search for ” Dethrecord ” on Amazon. They were presented the award by Chuck Billy , best known for his work as the vocalist for the thrash metal band Testament. Or sign in with a social account:

Klokikon – the annual Dethklok fan convention filled with cosplay geeks and homosexual fan art. In an attempt to make their next album the most brutal ever, Dethklok commissions a Russian nuclear submarine to record deep in the Nordic waters. The rest of the band decides to make a vacation out of it, citing “album inspiration” as their excuse to further put off working on their delayed album. After spending all their time with sluts and squandering the budget on their new record, Dethklok is shocked to find they’ve been assigned a new producer: Brendon Small , Ulrich Wild. When Toki gets news that his dad is dying, he’s forced to travel back to his home town in Norway. Views Read Edit View history.

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Uncomfortable and embarrassed, Dethklok painfully endures while their awtch are in town for a visit. Archived from the original on August 25, But Small’s outlook on the whole experience is surprisingly positive.

Williams Street ; BS Fictional: Retrieved July 3, Retrieved June 30, He often carries around his guitars even when not playing.

A real band was set up in order to perform the band’s music in live shows. The single “I Ejaculate Fire” was released on September 4, Retrieved May 8, That’s the feeling I want to go for with my work. He is a Type 2 diabetic and requires insulin shots. Meanwhile Murderface ringleads the ultimate Christmas special that ends up being backed by the Christian church.


“Metalocalypse” Dethrecord (TV Episode ) – IMDb

The original design of the character was changed metlaocalypse avoid his looking too much like Devin Townsend. Season 2 Episode After the unexpected dissolution of Dethklok, Small began pouring his musical energy into a sequel to a solo album he had released intitled Galaktikon.

He is depicted as having extreme sexual prowess and a preference for plump or elderly ladies.

Dethklok doesn’t care until they learn that the Troll is knocking out all DSL lines, making their Internet really slow. Rockzo, around by investing Dethklok’s vacation fund. Retrieved May 29, Retrieved April 25, Retrieved September 4, Dethklok heads wxtch Tomahawk, Wisconsin to open a Dethfair in hopes that it will stimulate the economy they destroyed. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

In contrast to the deep cynicism, grim outlook, promiscuity, and alcohol and drug abuse of the other band members, Toki’s character is generally childlike, innocent, and good-natured.

After warch humiliated by Murderface’s prank calls, Skwisgaar and Toki swear revenge. But as the evidence of her past piles up, to prove her innocence, he follows her to the most brutal place on earth: Retrieved August 19, Nathan is slightly more sensible than the rest of the band, and a great deal more emotionally stable, though he is still incompetent at most things in life such as the use of a grocery store or reading a cooking recipe.


Brendon SmallUlrich Wild. During Toki’s audition, Toki was still inferior to Skwisgaar as a guitarist, and the rest of Dethklok originally were about to dismiss him, but Skwisgaar admitted that no other guitarist had made him play watfh well as he did, and requested that Toki stay in the band. Dethklok returns to the water to record in their new Dethsub but, plagued with the lack of women, carpel tunnel sets in from excessive masturbation.


It’s up to Dethklok to get the album just right and finished on time. They were presented the award by Chuck Billybest known for his work as the vocalist for the thrash metal band Testament. Retrieved May 12, Brendon Small’s Galaktikon II: He is responsible for the majority of the dethrecorc of Dethklok’s songs, writing the guitar lines as well as Murderface’s bass lines. Recommended For You Music Pick: The patronizing evaluation heads off with a pep talk and a corporate video that will have audiences and Detbrecord alike vying for a spot on the Dethklok payroll.

After home remedies including drinking bleach, Dethklok learns that their ultimate fear will be realized, one of them has a terminal illness.

He does, however find his parents embarrassing as they are normal parents and not “brutal” as seen in “Dethfam”. Mark BrooksJon Schnepp. Describing the character, Small said, “I thought the drummer should be able to do a bunch of stuff, like Roger Taylor in Queen. The album debuted at number 21 on Billboard Magazine ‘s Top list. Meanwhile, Dethklok realizes they all have father abandonment issues and Murderface decides to repair the damages by appointing himself “Band Father.