However, when large jewellers have a workshop of their own the results are usually better. Oh and because it’s easy enough to do it too. Claimed it wasn’t them but I’d only bought the watch that week. Originally Posted by Janesy B. I think a bit of common sense is needed here. The irony is that Swarovski stockists are the most likely to make a mess of it as retailers and not watchmakers , unless they send it back to Swarovski themselves.

I do an awful lot of my own brickwork, plastering, joinery, electrical work, plumbing, computer building, use custom operating systems etc etc. Offering free battery replacements for life is not limited to watch batteries and you can buy a car battery with a lifetime guarantee from Halfords. They tested my subs waterproofing for swimming even though they are only supposed to use their tester as part of a battery change, and when I asked how much they just said put a donation in the charity tin so I can’t complain about their service. Seeing as you can get a proper watchmaker to replace a battery for you properly for around a fiver it seems a bit of false economy. When I first started collecting watches I used Timpsons quite a bit and can’t say I’ve ever had any problems with them. No, but you did imply that replacing a watch battery yourself might be false economy, but it all depends on the example. They are cobblers and key cutters are they not? I went in for a battery for an Omega hummer and they wouldn’t touch the case back or even let me borrow a screwdriver to unscrew the four screws to find out which battery to buy.

The digital part may start working properly once the circuit board has dried properly but that maybe wishful thinking. I have replaced my watch battery twice, without any problem.

That’s what Ibfind surprising. There are very few listed for Norfolk and only one for Norwich who I was already aware of because he advertises widely. Its a Daytime Rose Gold Plated model number I wanted a strap swap on my IWC and I didn’t have any tools with me so I thought the safest bet would be to take it to somewhere that would do this sort of thing on a daily basis rather than me risk scratching it with a knife.

What is wrong with learning to do jobs for yourself? Some Swarovski watches can have quite tight case backs and are likely to be scratched by an inexperienced watch repairer this does depend on the model though. Originally Posted by dice. Off to a decent jeweller tomorrow. Originally Posted by dougair.


If the answer to all of these questions is yes, how long will it take and what is the charge. No, but you did imply that replacing a watch battery yourself might be false economy, but it all depends on the example. However, asked the fella in Manchester to take the battery out of my Breitling and he ruined so much that Breitling UK couldn’t fully fix it.

So, how much did the man over the counter ask me to pay? You can live in your car but you can’t drive your house. In fairness, I’d never take my Wolverines into Timpsons!

How much should replacing a watch battery cost? – Which? Conversation

For a while, a Timpsons branch near me had a skilled woman who had trained with a jewellers. What I don’t get is why you would trust them to do anything to your pride and joy? Originally Posted by qatch. Yes, Spot on Nigel. The services offered by Timpson is described here: I had a similar experience with the Watch Surgery in Westfield Stratford. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies as per our policy which also explains how to change your preferences. This is a hobby for me and what anyone else does I do no know.

As there are a large number of screws used I asked him to bring the watches in and I would either have the correct ones in stock or I would be able to order them in once I was able to mamchester which calibres they were.

When a work colleague bought a Monster from Creation Watches I sized that for him too, never looked back since when it comes to sizing Bracelets and sized a Citizen Calibre soon after that also has a Collar type Bracelet but the Collars are in the centre Links opposed to the end like the Monster!

Never been to them for anything watch related but I took a pair of shoes in once to have them resoled and they made a right shit job of it. Of course it’s a security key.

Last edited by dougair; 20th November at I am not wanting to put watchmakers or anyone else out of business but think it is valuable to learn new skills. I took a Bell matic to one of there outlets about 8 year ago tjmpson have a crystal fitted which I supplied, the “watch maker” cracked the crystal when fitting it and then told me the crystal was the wrong one thats why it cracked it was the correct one but said he wouldent charge me and that if i got another to bring it in and he would fit it, i thanked him and left.


I wonder if that guy ever got sorted out. The guy in the branch quickly sorted wtach for me and told me to stick something in the charity collection tin rather than me paying him. Results 1 to 50 of I completely agree with TheWatcher, the issues that can be caused if the battery is badly installed are numerous and may not be immediately obvious and will not be covered by any lifetime battery guarantees.

mancheser If they have the right type of key! Seiko fanboys will defend it to end saying it is more secure than others but I Find it a royal pain.

Complain for change: don’t be embarrassed to say ‘no’

Join manchsster debate In the end I got asked to leave the shop So, all I needed to do was get a new battery installed. I had training from an old Vacheron Constantin Geneva trained watchmaker many years ago alas, now gone.

Quite right John, I absolutely agree. Originally Posted by Chewy. Took it out, refitted and it ran for manvhester 5 seconds You do have to question the intelligence of somebody who believes that Timpsons can supply a lifetime of power in a silver oxide cell and nobody else can though.

Don’t go to Timpsons

Originally Posted by asteclaru. Yes, you had a poor experience and the guy was a plum for probably not even listening to your warning – bit unfair to paint them all with one brush though. Patrick Steen Conversation Editor. They have a policy of employing ex-offenders, fine in principle but sometimes their work ethic and attention to detail leaves a lot to be desired.

I found her work excellent. Would you ask for an eye test in an estate agents? They should know their limitations and decline work they have less confidence in.

From the BHI website: