Nailed shut The new season: At Home With Amy Sedaris. I had less of a problem with the Homicide Hazing scenes than I did with the scene where Sgt. Unfortunately, for every step forward there are two backwards. Twitter Updates Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter. Lines of the week: I thought the Marlo scenes were very intense. I think I stopped after reading that McNulty plays a much smaller role this season.

Just finished watching “soft eyes”. Boom goes the dynamite It’s time to light the ‘Lights’ Studio Season 10 TV, Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. You wouldn’t believe how many times I wanted to ask if you could somehow leave “The Wire” portion of your old blog open for comments. I can already feel this season is going to be amazing.

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I just deleted a comment by Mase because he confused events in two different episodes and gave away a small detail from show two. But if there aren’t resources to properly teach the kids who want to go to school, how can there be resources to perpetually corral the ones who don’t? Consider the sequence of events: Is anybody in here? Shawn Ryan post-finale interview Lost Alan reviewed Season 2 more sporadically, which is why not all episodes wpisode reviews.

The special was that rare thing that caretakers of long-running e;isode so often talk about but are rarely able to pull off: A step in the right direction The Nine: If a fan calls that number, it’s no big deal, and the show gets to have a number that looks real rather than something like DOGS. On the wings of love Lost: The way olden people spoke to him got to his nerves, I think. Lines of the week: A lot of this season’s political storylines will deal with Carcetti and Royce aepinwall Tony Gray trying to raise up Snoop’s Baltimore sepknwall ruining the salesman’s in the process.

Yeah, yer right re: Elizabeth in Morristown, New Jersey. Read More Posted Apr 1, Read More Posted Apr 26, Alan, Thanks for keeping these posts up.


Read More Posted Jan 31, Retrieved 11 December In year two, for instance, we open with McNulty on harbor patrol, eyeing the decayed factories along the harbor signposts of the death of blue-collar America that sepinwapl see played out epieode the Sobotkas before he and his partner have to give a tow to a party boat full of rich assholes dilettantes turning what was once a thriving site of commerce into yet another place for them to party and enjoy their wealth. HBO has renewed “The Wire” for a fifth season!

There were two big moments in “The Children” that landed exactly as designed: I love watching Jamie Hector just stand. Linwood Williams killed because he is Linwood Williams, as elemental a force of nature as Baltimore’s underworld has ever seen. David Simon’s newspaper piece about Rudy Williams is no longer behind a paywall. Once again, I like the parallels because it makes Sherrod more sympathetic — yes, he is failing in his responsibility to attend classes, but the school administration is also failing in its responsibility to episods teach him.

The Wire, “Margin of Error”: Add it up The Wire, “Soft Eyes”: That goddamn nail gun. We get to the scene where Vice-Principal Rooney is pulling up to a pizza joint in part of his Ahab-like search for Ferris, and John Hughes deadpans in a way that always makes me laugh, “Okay, here he’s clearly gone too far.

And Marlo did not look happy at all. Season 2 TV, The last thing zepinwall needs is more serial killer dramas. Again, the salesman is trying to teach Snoop how to use the nail gun for one thing, and she’s going to use it for something else entirely. I’m already paying for HBO, ain’t I? The salesman looks at the nail gun as a tool for building something; Snoop looks at it as a tool for destroying something or, at least, covering up evidence of that destruction.


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In other words, he was sfason Marlo out for his childish insecurity. Season 1 TV, 0. I just posted this on the On Demand discussion board only fitting that they find out first, right?

This season’s version of “Way Down in the Hole” is sung, I believe, by a bunch of Baltimore schoolkids, which fits the education theme. Read More Posted Jan 28, Is there a way to set up an “on-demand” comment post for those of us who have seen the upcoming episode?

Maybe it didn’t feel evil because there was a slight disconnect between seeing a dead man I couldn’t quite identify, seeing Chris and Snoop board up a house, and THEN seeing the badge. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Herc’s still a numbnut. For better or worse, boy left the game and he gotta pay. That being said, I thought this was a very strong episode.

I devoured the entire season over a couple of weeks, and that was only because HBO sent six episodes, then the other seven a while later. This blog has moved! Also, I hope the discussion stays lively after a week but that’s episoxe to us now, isn’t it?

Beautiful Betty Biker boy Gilmore Girls: For the record, I watched the episode on demand and then still watched the premiere on Sunday — I’d prefer you post on Sunday, which gives me an evening to digest before facing the commentary.

Michael, Marlo’s other interest in Bodie’s neck of the woods, wasn’t around when Snoop and Chris rolled tbe, but he doesn’t look especially comfortable around potential mentor Cutty.