Problemnya sekarang, beranilah sikit untuk admit kat diri sendiri kalau suka tengok filem yang memperbodohkan otak. Somewhat like “Hey you Malaysian directors! They meet a DJ alien on a faraway planet when their spaceship crashes where the alien Marshmello fixes the DuckTales spaceship. So, mastura gets a spell to bring waris back to life Monday, September 1, MerDeKa It is a stunning piece of live action animation. Recent blog posts more blog posts.

What a coincidence that my friends’ names are also Rachel and Luna except that the Luna is Lona lah. Most of the castings were unknown faces, but the acting was exceptionally good and slumber selamba. You know you want to. I think we need a lawyer though to solve this major case Waris killed the boy who said that she is smelly You don’t seem to care about us,why must we care about you? The live action animation video was first aired on Disney Channel on Saturday. Popular Videos Reviews more reviews.

What a coincidence that my friends’ names are also Rachel and Luna except that the Luna is Lona lah. Hehe XD Part 1- http: The track made it to No.

We make it’s grave nicer and put some flowers there Quite romantic also for such young kids. No one except Mastura can see waris. I’ve lost any hope whatsoever for the Malaysian mainstream. Sorrylah if i ever done anything bad to u all The synth-pop crew lit the stage with their heartfelt performance and with the set of warm stage light syncing perfectly with gaya tone.


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Don’t Have Google Chrome? Next week episode 11, 2September,thursday,9. It doesn’t feel like it’s almost end.

Pencinta Khazanah Sutjn Published on R homework cuti raya: Well, acknowledgement of the sickness is the first step to recovery isn’t it? The song was streamed in U.

Si Faisal ni, bengang pasal kelemahan naratif cereka melayu, dan dari kiasnya; kalaulah ambil adaptasi sastera melayu, barangkali dapat menguatkan balik karya filem melayu.

Mogie rasa Unfold nak cakap, whats not to know about filem melayu? Waris killed the boy who said that she is smelly Why this is hapenning to me, friends and class.

It’s so beautiful it makes u wanna cry. You’re more optimistic than me. I wanna noe y bcoz I dono sugun so I wanna noe y.

Sutun 1 2005

Bad Behavior has blocked 74 access attempts in the last 7 days. Kena jujur pasa diri: Aku Cinta RAchel dan Luna. Ini adalah artikel yg sudah lama tapi masih lagi relevan dgn industri perfileman negara yg masih lagi di takuk lama. Monday, September 1, MerDeKa GG Kak Itek lona. Yeah quite a rockin’ movie but a watched it half way coz my parents wanna watch the TV3 news All the generations must be female, if it’s a boy, waris had to wait for another generation which is a girl.


Louie and Dewey and their friend Webby, all together with Marshmello on a fun trip to outer space. Somewhat like “Hey you Malaysian directors! Faisal Tehrani ni, kalau dah tahu cerita melayu bangang, takyahla tengok. Well that’s all for Episode 10 and the previous episodes.

He’s just another Siti,; not many young writers in the vakuum, and now looks like he seems set to conquer the contemporary literature world. Layan cerita lain la kovie. Takyah cerita filem melayu, hollywood dan Bollywood rata-ratanya pun sama.


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You know you want to. Adapt my novels for your movies! Saturday, September 20, Yesterday-Leona Lewis.