The problem that I see for you is that I’ve read that mkv HD files have been known to work but not in most cases. The difference between devices is due to the fact that the TV gets transcoded content while the other devices do not. Waiting till the refresh operation is done will solve this problem. So here is what you need to check when the subs do not show up: I just want subs with AVI files.. Most devices can play a folder so by hitting the play button on this new folder you should be able to play the video with minimum interruption in the transition from one file to another.

Can someone guide to me that I solve the problem. Download and install CCCP http: This allows subs to work with any device even those that do not support subs as long as the video is being transcoded. Placing the target device closer to the media server. Here are step by step instructions: You can try and improve this by:.

Devices that do that are typically doing it in order to sort the items in a certain way, however the DLNA standard, predicting the time such an operation may take, suggests that devices need to ask the server to do this sort operaton and provide a sorted result with the first few items of the folder only.

Mon Nov 12, 5: Please refer to the Features page for more information about the current subtitlss. But i’m not sure. In such a no please install some codec pack like ffdshow tryoutsthe 32 bit version and then re-install the software.

While this works well in most cases, it takes a long time to retrieve all the items under folders that have thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of items. Note that both VPNs and virtualization software like VMWare add virtual netrwork intefaces worling therefore in such a case you do have multiple network interfaces from Windows point of view.


Tversity, Xbox 360 and subtitles.. how?

I used external subs not the one that u can encode in the mkv container and it works ok. Please note that in such cases similar issues will occur when you try to play these videos on Windows Media Player the famous tversitty phenomenon or for that matter on any media playback software. I never had any issues with subtitles and Tversity, only with embedded subtitles in MKV files.

Mon Nov 12, 3: Sep 13, 1 0 0. How to get subtitles to work Announcements.

Frequent disconnections in your home network could cause errors with some media players from which they cannot recover without a reboot. I seem to have the exact opposite problem. This saves you the need to go through a painstaking conversion process.

It comes in two editions, a free edition and a more advanced pro edition. From the command line please use the command: The TVersity Screen Server supports anything that is displayed on your computer screen including full screen games and full screen web videos from any source. Older version of LG can turn them off on demand, but on WebOS 2 they are on even with the setting “off”.

I was tvetsity to watch on my LG 46LA, but I run tests with chromecast too assuming that the subtitle will work on chromecast. The other possible cause of stuttering video is a too slow network connection for certain high bitrate videos, if you experience this you can configure the media server to produce lower bitrate videos by changing the settings from the GUI to reflect the type of connection you have and the actual quality of your network signal.


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Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. When I was trying to get subtitles to play on transcoded streams, the only thing I tried that worked reliably was PS3 Media Server. When you enable the TVersity Media Server or Screen Server to act as a server you should take the time to create the most restrictive rule possible that still allows the servers and the target device to interact with one another.

This allows subs to work with any device even those that do not support subs as long as the video is being transcoded. I asked many times. That’s why i’ve been trying to transcode them into the video before playing, which supposedly works. SniperWolf Banned Jul 19, So I’ve been tinkering with media sharing on myand I’m using Tversity at the moment. If the source on the Internet is overloaded at certain hours of the ob or if the network connection between your computer and that source is congested during those workingg, you may experience these issues.

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If you’ve got the subtitles as separate files, it’s possible your player doesn’t even bother trying to load them. Can someone guide to me that I solve the problem. If it is not supported and identified check status tab then setting system to always transcode won’t have any effect. You should put your home network behind a hardware firewall or router with firewall capabilities.