It’s clear to everyone what those marriages would do to upset the status of power in Westeros. Rickard was then summoned to court and executed together with Brandon. Sign In Sign Up. I fear there are those that wish doom on Westeros. I will say that Brandon deserved his death. It was this curiosity that led to a monumental discovery. Walys was a decent man.

Since Elbert Arryn was a constant companion of Brandon Stark, without us ever knowing why, the theory gains even more ground. As the last waves of his voice exited the hall a hum of wind entered as if the Gods were sending their approval. A marriage to the Hightowers would be greatly beneficial to the Starks. He felt they were fools to think such a thing. Brandon Stark and Catelyn Tully are also matched off very early — remember, Cat was betrothed when she was 12, years before it was intended that the marriage occur. Robert was in love to Lyanna and talks of a betrothal were conducted. The large man couldn’t help but grin widely at the praise of his liege lord.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. His eyes then turned to Lord Edwyn Dustin, a bear of a man. On a smaller scale, the same is true most of the time for the bannermen themselves; they rarely marry into other kingdoms. The Starks and the Manderlys have long had a strong and important relationship, longer than most remember. One More Look at Unseen Westeros.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Brandon stood tall, proud and strong, fitting for ambitios Stark. Now was the best time to put them into action.

Game of Thrones Theorycrafting: Southron Ambitions

View all Gaming Sites. So it begs the question: View all Plog Sites. He could see his words have a different effect on those present. Two others stayed outside of the conflict – Lannister and Greyjoy – ambiitions one – Martell – was doubtful and had to be convinced into the war by Rhaegar himself, since Aerys had estranged the Dornish over and over again. His grey eyes scanned the room, analyzing each inhabitant.


Rhaegar abducted Lyanna, and Aerys ambituons Rickard and Brandon without a real trial, and then called for the heads of the completely uninvolved Robert and Ned. But there is actually a prelude to these events. But the idea of a political alliance against Aerys to turn the realm into something better would fit into the picture.

the night is dark and full of terrors

His breeches would have to stay up. View all GoT Sites.

Arryn himself was ready and picked up the cause when Aerys commanded him to turn over his wards. As far as we know Jon Arryn never even secured a betrothal for his nephew and heir. Since this story is A Song of Ice and Fire, even plans made by Varys and comparable master schemers fail. Rickard, Hoster, Jon, and Tywin were the major schemers here though apparently not Quellon, despite him being hyper-competent and having five attractive sons.

The crux of my approach to Southron Ambitions is that not only did the previous generation of […] Like Like. This probably also explains how Jaime came to be so close with Tyrion, if the two of them were at CR without Tywin or Cersei for a few years.

Lord Rickard had begun to tell his tale of the War of Ninepenny Kings. The Old Gods were mysterious deities. I am merely securing our place in the world for the time to come. No one anticipated that move, but it created a fait accompli. And what would make it worse is that the Lannisters, who had taken the least honorable course of any House and sat out the war until it was over, and then murdered a bunch southrno innocents to boot, would become kingmakers despite risking nothing.

Rickard, who may well have been in contact with Jon Arryn, could have already brokered the idea of a marriage between the two. This question is basically only important to those of us who question whether it was correct to execute Brandon and Rickard. The loss of his own heirs Elbert and Denys weakened his dynasty severely, and the bad marriage with Lysa Tully let it face extinction.


While it was dutiful he was still a boy, to not even question that meant Eddard was beyond his years. I think that the Lords Paramount always intended to get olot of the Targaryens, and had been plotting this for some time.

And yet, suddenly, Lord Rickard marries one son with House Tully and sends the other to foster with House Arryn, both southrln to ambitipns the direct neighbors of the North. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Out of character, Lord Wyman looked flustered, “But, my lord, is this not a better match for young Lord Brandon. He never wanted her, I promise you that. View all TV Sites.

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Now it was time for his lords southrron do olot duty to their liege lord. It was just a rumor. You may also submit your own theories. This is from an interview with George R. To reveal, simply hover or tap on the text! Aerys then demanded Eddard and Robert, both wards of Jon Arryn, who refused and instead rebelled. Perhaps Arryn and other schemers still hoped to overthrow Aerys and to restore Targaryen dynasty, perhaps with more freedoms and privileges for the kingdoms, strengthening their autonomy.

Rickard sent his son an approving nod before speaking again. Rickard felt a similar way but his temper was far less of a problem than Brandon’s.

They hold some truth. He should be executed. A soft wind blew across the ancient grounds.

Feeling the exhaustion begin to take him, Rickard quickly made way to his chambers. He told me so, on our last night together … but Rickard Stark had great ambitions too. Despite his age he still moved about with the vigor of a younger man.