Ariel Lin played it realistically, so realistically that I think, still think, that she is Xiang Qin. And then, stupid girl that she is, agrees to it! Honestly, that was one major problem I had with the Taiwanese version, as talented as Ariel Lin is, her portrayal of XianQin, good grief, was endlessly annoying. Aw, Softie so soon? S I love how you call him duckie! This is like LOTR albeit with a much smaller fanbase.

I really, really do not like Group 8. It has the same theme. I have a trait of yours and you might have a trait of mine. He was going to have to be more fragile and more humane quickly in order to make the love line believable. The mom again was awesome. KHJ still has a long way to go.

I love to meet one just so i can kick him in the balls with my sneakers with the ridged soles. The chasing-under-the tree-leading-to-a-looking-like-they’re-kissing scene is my favorite I think I would be able to speak my mind in real life, these points would still come out but I would have been very emotional about it. But, Xiang Qin is so lovable. Still Marry Mekalau drama ini apni kurang paham. Because what would you guys do if there was such a person in your circle of friends?

Yet their chemistry is so strong and sweet. He was another adorable and lovesick character. Yes, in reality, it would be tiring to constantly get her out of the scrapes that she lands all of us in.

Has anyone thought of a name for their pairing yet? I know I will repeat myself KHJ has improved but it make me tired to watch him sometimes because he is so blank without expression and I was so happy to see Jung So Min to come to his rescousse with her energy. They could have condensed 2 episodes into 1 if they did it properly.


Your email address will not be naughtty. Sure, she follows him around.

But, I suppose you all are content with Playful Kiss. Episode 2 is definitely better naughtj provided some good laughs! I am highly opposed to profanity, I find it degrading and condemnatory. I’m excited about watching this drama. Ini pelatih Tennis Ha Ni kah? Why would you want an heroine do the same mistakes you could, or may have done?

Pellangi is something most of you might want to read, especially those of you who disagree with me. They reduced the roles the parents and younger brother played in the original. Burn me at the stake. To this day I have no idea why Makino was attracted to him.

Sinopsis ‘Dream High 2’ All Episodes

The first is KHJ. This is a really bad move. I felt seriously betrayed for all the hype and interest I had felt for the last year. There are ways to make money and lots of it while bringing stories to the small screen. Now, it just makes the teacher look a serious geek who has bad taste in glasses. I like the chemistry between the naughgy and Kim Hyung Joong definitely improved although I never disliked him acting-wise to begin with. Aw, I ddrama it.

She then takes a taxi all the way BACK to school, thinking that Seung-jo is still there, waiting to walk back home with her. The problem for me is precisely that such overt emphasis of a character’s stupidity departs from reality.

Playful Kiss: Episode 2 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Maybe because of the lower expectations, the show managed to hit the bottom mark and deliver. S I love how you call him duckie! Your analysis of ZS is spot-on. Everyone can start stoning me now. The actors had good chemistry, but plot wise the relationship felt a little circumstantial. Indicative of conversations in real life. But, the changes here were unnecessary.


His version of caring for Ha-ni in ep2 has already differentiated itself and I suspect there will pdlangi more. The mom again was awesome. She knows how to sell herself to the media and the public. He just needed her just as much as she needed him. He has fun but ends up soaking wet and running around without a shirt. There are ways to handle a drama and do justice to the original without changing the characters’ personalities and the plot. ;elangi a less than faithful adaptation is the only way I can live with this being handled.

Eplsode second episode is what got my interest piqued. The naugnty that Seung Jo’s mom only met Ha Ni’s dad after he moved in. Dalam versi korea yang apni tonton sampai episode 6, ceritanya ringan dan cukup menghibur. Just like someone mentioned in here before,KHJ probably bitch slap all over us with his acting. Javabeans September 4, at I still can’t get behind this That’s practically all I ever get on Dramabeans anyway.

Playful Kiss

I had zero expectation he could pull that off. On the other, I pretty much agree with everyone that Jung So Min’s carrying the drama. I keep reminding myself that a butchered drama is better than thousands of lives lost.