But Joo-wal says their family is more concerned with keeping people from talking about this issue all over again. I love the artistic touch of the scenes. Arang and Eun-oh’s actions, meanwhile, are being tracked by the Jade Emperor and Yeom-ra themselves, who fear that events in Miryang are much more horrifying than they appear. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe He says it like a warning, with a hint of a smile. She turns and runs in the other direction. My new favorite OTP.

In this weird world haha. I rewatched the ending part and realised that he was almost brotherly on how he chided Arang Hwang Bo Ra Supporting Cast. Is he undead possessing a human body? The mysteries, all the characters, the cinematography, the soundtrack She must know more than she lets on. She demands to see the Jade Emperor. I agree with you on the loneliness part and that’s compounded when she is able to walk freely among the living and cannot interact with them.

This gives me hope that perhaps. I mean, both tthe essentially cold in the first place, but I was wondering why Lord Choi mwgistrate so mean to his own son even if Joo-wal is some sort of a LOL The two brothers are playing chess whilst I am biting my nails at what will happen, I already saw the preview so I know what kinda will happen Was her fiancee’s soul stolen?

You are the best!!! I hope your day is going well: So good to read from you, really made my day.

I’m wondering, it’s only episode 3 and yet the pace of the story is consistence. Archived from the original on March 4, How awful it is to see your dead self and to feel so helpless. I will keep telling myself that. You were looking down from up there, so you can see everything. Thanks for the recaps: Meta [Happily episodf after] Maybe Shin Min Ah is doing one hell sinopais a fantastic job!! The second her body was found i was like what? For me this show is all about Arang totally love that girl errr ghost.


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There seems to be alot more magic than I had anticipated That’s it for my theories. What struck me was how she kept talking about herself—her dead body—as if she were someone else. I think this liking LMH thing is bringing me some cheers e;isode well from some unexpected places. This means that if a body is completely submerged in the peat bog soon after death, it will not rot and its soft tissues—skin, hair and internal organs—will be preserved.

But she disappeared 3 years ago, maybe there’s the possibility that she was kidnapped and died more recently? Watch ‘ Arang and the Magistrate ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Eun-oh takes this all in with a wary eye. Because your screen name looks familiar to me and I remember talking with someone about cloning Earnest Bot.

Hm, did the king of heaven make it rain like that on purpose? I already said that! Can’t wait to watch. Do I have to have an account? The angel of Death says that her destination is hell and not heaven, so she cannot meet the Jade Emperor. Eun-oh grabs Arang and they take off running. S LMH don’t feel bad but there is another character i am two maybe a more timing you with-Eun-oh.


Eun-oh arrives at the crime scene, where a body that was buried in the ground was uncovered from the massive rainfall. Kinda-shaman Bang-wool brings in a brand new hanbok anv makeup for Arang, who lights up at all the pretty things she gets to have. And I feel sorry for all the ghosts without families to conduct rites for them and to put out food.

Jessica August 23, at 8: Things are getting interesting…. I believe if the subs were correct that on the full moon the gods cannot see what happens. Also been watching “Faith”, but it hasn’t exactly been holding my interest both the writing and the leads really arany pull on me in any way.

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August 22, at 9: You and your vivid dreams. Thanks for the super speedy recap, girlfriday!

You BLOW me away!! There’s so much more to this fantasy world that i’m so curious about, and i can’t wait for tomorrows episode!