Want to see other play doh princess dresses? Embed this content in your HTML. Shreelesh tries in vain to convince him. Nikita comes back home and is totally shaken. Everyone plans to sit and watch the video recording together but Gangadhar has to suddenly go out to see an ailing friend. A person comes to meet Gangadhar.

Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre – Episode Nikita is happy that Shaila is doing fine now but at the same time feels sad to part from the Tipre family. Gangadhar is very keen and wakes up Shekhar even though he is jetlagged. Shalaka shares about her experiences in Australia with Gangadhar. Shekhar, Shreelesh, Shyamal and Nikita watch the video in Gangadhar’s absence. Shreelesh tells Shyamal about Gangadhar’s antics in the hospital. Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre Season 1. The puppy eats up Shreelesh’s pair of socks and Nikita’s expensive shoes.

Princess Annas Magical sparkling play doh dress. Gangadhar and everyone else are excited to see the video message of Shalaka recorded by Shekhar. Shyamal finds a love letter in Shreelesh’s pocket and misunderstands that he is having an affair with the girl Swapna who lives in their society.

Shyamal is annoyed with both of them and plans to teach them a lesson. Shreelesh asks his friends to find the guy named Samir who has sent the love letter epusode Nikita. Gangadhar is very keen and wakes up Shekhar even though he is jetlagged.

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Gangadhar is tensed and upset, and his friends try to cheer him up. Shekhar speaks to Shreelesh and makes him understand to learn from the mistakes he had done in his past. Shreelesh tells Shekhar about the lucrative job offer for which he is even ready to quit his current job. Later when Gangadhar questions Shreelesh about his behavior, Shreelesh tells him that he did all this so that Shyamal does not miss Shekhar.


Shekhar comes to know that Shyamal informed Mrs. Urmila wonders what has happened to Milind as he is behaving weird. Shekhar completes the migration formalities gangadhra Nikita.

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Gangadhar pretends to be strong before everyone but cries silently. Dailymotion – epidode recent videos http: Gangadhar mistakes that he has come to inquire about the thefts in the society and he misleads him. Shekhar supports Gangadhar’s decision to give shelter to a stray and also makes Shyamal understand.

Nene writes a poem, Shekhar writes an article while Shreelesh too plans to do something different. Me Reader reads all 8 books aloud Shreelesh gets a new job offer.

Shekhar and Shyamal are tensed about the finances but Shreelesh helps e;isode out. The Political Economy Posted: The New Landscape Legal Reference. Everyone is elated to see Shalaka in the video.

Everyone is convinced on hearing this. In this video well make new play doh princess dress for Anna from the popular animation Frozen. Claim or contact us about this channel.

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He is then taken to the operation theatre. The puppy eats up Shreelesh’s pair of socks and Nikita’s expensive shoes. Kharkar comes to Tipre house and is frenzied.

Everyone panics but Gangadhar’s operation is completed successfully. Shekhar receives Nikita’s tickets sent by Arvind. Gangadhar’s colleagues come to meet him and they too get excited on knowing this but Gangadhar is not keen. A police constable comes to the Tipre house for verification as Shekhar has applied for a passport. Shekhar has to go to another office for some urgent meeting.


Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre – Episode 157

Shekhar’s colleague Guru advises him to send Gangadhar out of town for a change in environment so that he feels better soon. Finally, Gangadhar with the help Shyamal connects the tape and watches the video himself. Gangadhar returns home and tells his family about the blunder which happened on the gangarhar sets. Shyamal is tensed about Gangadhar’s health but Shekhar consoles her.

Shreelesh gets furious on knowing this and yells at Gangadhar. Everyone is inspired by the book and decides to do something different. Shyamal tells Shekhar about the financial help received tipee the Women’s Welfare Club. Shyamal, Gangadhar and Nikita are pleasantly surprised with Shreelesh’s behavior and feel that he is only pretending.

Nikita comes back home and is totally shaken.

Shyamal informs Shekhar that Shaila is recuperating and he feels elated to know this. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login.

Shekhar tries in vain to talk to Gangadhar. Kharkar comes home and asks about Gangadhar.