Clannad best anime [img]http: Though Fairy Tale isn’t really that good of an anime it’s better in manga Please note, if they are animated characters made to look under 18, and given some imaginary age over 18, you will be banned. I’ll never find another anime as good as Mirai Nikki. I know it’s not what you are looking for, but I’ve heard it’s really good! An anime about making anime: So maybe 30 mins per segment.

That character in the pictures is from the Monogatari series. If it had happaned he would have become a vastro lordes and destroyed the entire fucking world. Bleach is really starting to disappoint me. The ending still blows my mind till this day. Sift through every film released in the last 20 years followed by every OVA, lmao. I gotta update my MAL, for next time for eps watched ;. XD Well, I tried.

From kindergarden to college kids, with all the adventures, it’s a wonder they ever have time for classes.

Hmm, similar to Gantz? John Creo Lmao, I’ve done it before.

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I’m considering it just because Misaka. Clannad best anime [img]http: Featured post Cudorable Scenes Day Why did I have to watch that first Type are action, sport, ecchi, school-life and comedy.

Feathered Fury None of those. Blue Exorcist is a animeutima show, I recommend it if you like shonen. Anyway, A-on said it sounds like a weird acid trip last time I asked him, so now I’m asking you: Originally Posted by ForeverBlackGuy. Last I heard, you were crying after the rail yard scene in episode 5.

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AnimeFanWhoDied It looks like early s or late s Help improve our database by adding background information here. Here, I have merely named off a couple hundred and it was through a specific process. It’s not bad hanayomee. The Rose of Versailles About a girl who is raised as a man to become her father’s successor. If you’re not sure, don’t post it. Burbs I found it, for I am awesome.


Originally Posted by JFizzle The third post should be [The Anime List]. I was wondering myself what type of anime is similar so I can watch that too but couldn’t think of one. If not, it was either on animeultima or animefreak as they’re the only 2 I use on my PS3. Each ep is 1hr long. The OVA is linked towards the bottom. I don’t give a fuck if you think the ending doesn’t make sense.

Originally Posted by Tabris. Since everyone has their own opinion, I have merely epizode what I consider, descent anime of every genre so that it will give you the starting point and direction for where you wish to go. The MC is fucking hilarious because of the absurd situations he gets in.

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Future Boy Conan A boy; Conan, is born in a world filled with oceans. It was so long, I think I gave up. For people who wants to know whats it about: Results 3, to 3, of I’m not looking for the character in the pictures.

Actually, I plan to update with links soon, but considering this is not a thread that showcases every single series in existence, the expansion of the list itself will be fairly minimal. The episodes stopped on 25 for some reason. I’m telling it how it is. If anyone disagrees with this, you should be castrated, tarred and feathered, then hung upside down by your toes in the town square to be stoned by the peasants.


I’m not even joking when I say I spent hours googling anything I could Although a particular series may focus on one genre as it’s foundation, the mixture of types allow a continuous stream of originality and creativity that will always bring a new look, feel, and texture, years and decades down the line. If you can’t or won’t watch School Days you are a phaggot and must hand in your man card asap.

That’s not even released yet. Mystery – Cops, private detectives, and troubleshooters searching for the clues to solve the great puzzles. Easier to just post a list of some streaming sites. Then I thought “instead of searching for anime films or key words, search for anthologies you fool” So I did.

Not enough penis, no thanks Jeff. The adopted father of Rin, who is an Exorcist named Fujimoto, knows about this heritage and decided to adopt him and train him, as well as sealing the “Blue Flames of Satan” into a Demon Sword. I’ll add in anything as it comes up, for now, here it is.

The one I’m looking for has a character that looks like Shinobu.

You ever watch Index? I looked through the anime character database too trying to find a matching character Pretty sure I got a torrent of it It looks like a younger version of that, like a 3 or 4 year old.

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