Oliver is still a playboy when he meets Felicity in a club. In order to be Laurel Lance again, she has to be the Black Canary… one last time. Retrieved January 29, She misses him terribly. Laurel just needed him to know. She also manages to talk about her tablet, stalkers and fire escapes. It is revealed that Wilden was one of two people who wore the Queen of Hearts costume on the Halloween train. Oliver and Felicity are fighting their feelings for each other, until Oliver works up the courage and finally asks Felicity what he has always wanted.

CeCe gets knocked off from the platform, where CeCe and Aria have been fighting on. I admire a commitment to the craft. Images and information on this blog are copyright to their respectful owners. Elena starts working for the Council after her parent’s brutal murder and gets sent to investigate some suspicious “animal” attacks. It kept her going and gave Laurel purpose. Are they merely dreams? Her quiet fact finding trip quickly spirals into something much more dangerous when she runs into one Damon Salvatore. Toby returns and looks for Spencer’s help so he could prove that his mother didn’t jump from the window by herself.

Laurel died at He promised he’d be good this time. He is not pleased.

When It’s All Over: 11:59 Arrow 4X18 Review

Will she obey or will her humanity be stronger than the bond? Aria visits Ezra’s apartment and he talks to her about his issues. No reason to break with tradition now!


Hanna brings a theory that if Alison is not in the grave then another girl is, so she starts searching for missing girls the same day Ali disappeared.

Sharing one night and sleeping together they realize they are closer than they think. Elena really misses Damon, what happens when he shows up unexpectedly. It is a story of their love in the face of adversity.

Spencer retreats after getting her veil caught in a bear-claw trap and losing track of the mystery person. As Spencer is about to go to bed, we see Mrs.

Oliver Queen has to hold to the light when the team feels justified in embracing the dark.


Piece of Normal by Krystanite reviews ” But Laurel never dreamed of wearing a mask and fighting crime. The fourth season garnered positive reviews from critics and averaged 2.

The Heart Of The Ocean by peachykeenjellybean92 reviews Living a life ,iars to an abusive and powerful man, Elena Gilbert finds herself desperately yearning for a life she can never have, with a man she can without a doubt, never have. The Art of Seduction by Olicity reviews Felicity decides its time to take matters with Oliver into her own hands. Grunwald saved her life. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat by Tarafina reviews Seven months they’ve been sleeping lairs, and tonight, whether Felicity wants him to or not, Oliver will define what ‘they’ are.

Hot for Teacher

Still need a minute. Mona has a meeting with Ezra. The Green Arrow must be driven by love.


Will she be able to give into Damon and love him like they both deserve? Tonight was their big finish and they accomplished what I hoped.

Even though everything has changed, she and Stefan are happy together When she comes to his room to apologize, will Damon accept her apology?

Ella contemplates going to Europe with her boyfriend, Zack.

He firmly believed she had no business being out on the streets. And it’s time for someone to remind him of that fact. The trio head to the Gilbert lake house for a few days of shenanigans and ghostly encounters.

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Five Words by Poptart22 reviews Takes place after 4×09, Elena is alone on Christmas after being sent home by Damon, sad and drowning her sorrows in the Salvatore’s plentiful liquor supply.

Life has something for lias when he stumbles upon a little boy getting picked on by some bullies.

Everybody just take a deep breath. In Thunder and Lightning by ShineyStar reviews There was something about a storm that made Gabriella feel happy, at peace. Oliver knows he has to be the mediator and keep them both happy.