When the two “ghosts” did their closing shot walking ominously away from the camera, Ji Hyo simply walked away, while Suzy sashayed, actively showing off her. Hope they can have another episode where they take down everyone together: He sprays Kwang-soo easily enough, but getting close to Suzy is another matter. Abbie November 23, at The way the steam comes out of his mouth is almost cartoonishly funny. Hyun-Jin face was the point and the Jae-Suk – Kwang – Ja couple was totally hilarious at the dodgeball game. Either leave that character to YJS or give it to the other memebers.

As of January , it still has the largest market share for its timeslot; roughly between 13 to 17 percent of Korean television viewers watch Infinite Challenge at 6: A few other EXO members join them, and tags Kwang-soo out soon enough, even taking a picture as proof of their achievement. Currently, Happy Togetheris still placed one of the most popular shows on Korean free-to-air networks which airs every Thursday at RunningMan Please support us to see more videos in the future. Kwang-soo tries to sneak an egg for himself and burns his mouth for the second time today the first with hot bbopki. It was the most popular show on KBS from —, and further continued its success in two more seasons. It started out fun and then just went down hill. Hope My dear Exo Fans might understand a little bit abt these matter ok?

The show went downhill after the name-tag ripping game though. The program celebrated its th episode of its third season on July 7, It was first aired on July 11, There should have been some real time consequences of HyunJin shooting the name tags. EXO is relatively new and their runmanclhb “Growl” was a hit this year.

Running man exo ep 172 indo sub full episode

Episodes by odilettante. Hungry and astounded, everyone jumps on that bandwagon: Quiet Thought November 23, at 6: Once inside, it cracks me up how Haha searches for the best ingredients read: Did anyone notice that Kim Jong Kook already saw the water gun in Hyun Jin’s right pocket during the Cooking Battle opening right after the explanation?


Did anyone else here about exo coming on running man? Is this some kind of formula? Quiet Thought November 23, at 9: This variety show is funny and cute at the same time.

And only Go Ara among the angels had the energy and brains to be competitive. Hyun-jin tries to quietly slip past the madness, but then Suk-jin accidentally hits his face.

Running Man “Bromance House ” ep Q: Sehun look so handsome sehun exo runningman runningmanexo handsome – 5 years ago. When hunger hits, you gotta eat. On the contary to some I felt there was not enough cast interactions but more focus on how the guest tried to shoot them with the watergun. Love Jae-sook and Kwang-soo though. Thanks for the recap. Reminds me of Lizzy being on the show way back but I found Lizzy annoying with her constant blabbering but Suzy is less intrusive so more likable at this stage.

Because today is 5yearwithrunningman so i throwback when exo first appearance in the show, they seriously need to come again to that show as ot9 of course especially chanyeol. Currently, Happy Togetheris still placed one of the most popular eisode on Korean free-to-air networks which airs every Thursday at Your email address will not be published.

I thought she was comfortable with the cast. I liked Ryu Hyun jin from the first supernatural baseball episode. Just feature the main male guest, that’s the main character whom people want to see anyway. Whilst others sat rummanclub.

The show is hosted by comedian Jeong Hyeong Don and rapper Defconn.


This episode was so funny! Hope My dear Exo Fans might understand a little bit abt these matter ok? When asked why, Gary defends: What is with all the hate on SM? Megumi February 23, at 2: Who do u like? After a few tosses back and forth, Hyun-jin regains possession of the ball and eliminates Suzy with one strong pitch. I laugh again reading the recap. The studio was replaced by a smaller room with no live audience wng the progress of the marriages is runmanclhb.

Siwon and Sooyoung but their idol groups are some of the best in Korea, in my opinion.


Ryu Hyun-jinwhose appearance is met with chaotic greetings. With less than 20 seconds left before the switch, Jae-suk corners two idol boys in the elevator… then swiftly eliminates them both, tieing runmanlub game to 5: I actually liked her. I enjoyed it a lot. My crossing of two things that are very different but meet occasionally and when they do, the result is beautiful.

Haha Luhan derp face xD So runhing

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They do eventually start food prep, and Hyun-jin follows Jong-kook out to a more secluded location to clean veggies. And then Jae-suk cries: But leave it to Kwang-soo to take any opportunity to attack Hyun-jin anyway. If EXO fans need more clarification, just comment: Now only the Monday Couple remains on his hit runnning.

Watched it over and over again without bored. Yeah, it’s just too bad they only had the men wear them.