She had rented a house from the local banker. Gunther isn’t making very many friends in his new town. Around the mid s and early s Rigoletto was performed as a stage musical. The cast is enormous, and mostly too boring to enumerate. Bonnie’s mother immediately leaves to locate the person who bought their house. When he tries to bring her to town, the townspeople attack him, thinking he has hurt her. A physically hideous man whose personality makes his outward appearance look positively ravishing, Ribaldi hires Bonnie to work in his castle.

Alas, his employer abuses him pretty soundly on both professional and personal levels, and these are usually played for laughs for the kiddies as is his overly-prim, easily-offended demeanor rather than recognized as pretty shitty things to do to a person, but I enjoyed him despite the sadness of his life. Nelson inside and shows her to The Master of the home Mr. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Meanwhile, many in the town are being evicted from their homes and suspect the mysterious Ribaldi. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Rigoletto is a film produced by Feature Films For Families , and tells the story of a young girl who befriends a lonely, disfigured man. There’s a lot of song and dance about how she can only go so close to him and isn’t allowed to see his face, et cetera and so on, and Hans seems deeply concerned that she might set off a psychotic fit in his master if she doesn’t behave herself.

Afterward, Hans says that he is returning home to a “former employer”.

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I would like to see that worked with. Georgie walks into the mansion and finds Ribaldi by himself. Ribaldi, a mysterious rich man with a disfigured face and an abrasive personality, has just bought and moved into a Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from April All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing syjopsis.

But off she goes, because this story isn’t about her for some reason. He did not approve of Mr.

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It’s still Hans, the butler, played by John Huntington. Nelson inside and shows her to The Master of the home Mr. Human beings are able to recognize all kinds of parts of one anothers’ bodies. Following a series of events, Bonnie comes into the employ of Ribaldi and discovers a man who is disfigured and broken, with a beautiful talent for song and a man who may not be a beast underneath his scars. They hear familiar piano music.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Just click the “Edit page” button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. He says, “Some people call me Rigoletto.

This was a big theme of Leroux’s book and it’s nice to see it in a modern version, considering that it’s usually left by the wayside once the idea of spiritual flaws causing physical ones went out synopsiss fashion some time after the Victorian era.

The people in town also begin receiving unknown sources of financial assistance. She cringes at Ribaldi, but is nowhere near as hateful compared to the other townspeople.

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He agreed to sell two of his properties to Ribaldi: He is hilarious, not to mention comparatively one of the better acting talents present man, if this had just been a buddy-cop movie between him and Ribaldi, I would probably have enjoyed it way more. Baker away to find work. He is a gifted singer and composer, who provided singing lessons to Bonnie. You know, I had this idea for a remake of this film, but in a more modern setting.

It was made by a small company called Feature Films for Families. The children become curious and decide to prowl the mansion late at night. This caused Porter to run away.

She understands that he sounds great, though, and her awe apparently plays to his ego enough to get her those lessons after all. Tour Europe, meet a nice fairy lady, whatever you want to do! It’s not going to be explained. Gordon Baker Ivey Lloyd Mitchell The Paper Brigade Video Emelda Avery Bennie Moore The next day, Bonnie performs in a singing contest.

Feature Films for Families is epically rigiletto all of us. I was reminded strongly of Stephen King’s habit of making the townsfolk an integral part of his novels’ landscape, although I’m pretty sure that is the only time ever that anyone has compared anything about this movie to Stephen King.

But things don’t go well in Chicago and Pete is changed when he returns Dallin Avery is a frequently half-nude pig farmer eynopsis loves his hogs with a dizzying passion, and his wife Emelda is deeply long-suffering about this. Maybe “Feature Films for Families” actually directly refers to the Paur family. The townspeople also spot the house and think it is unusual for a house to be renovated so fast. He did not get sjnopsis with his son, who reprimanded him for his speech trouble.


James McBride Scott Wilkinson – the town’s zynopsis who supported himself by increasing mortgage payments, demanding all past due to be paid immediately, and selling properties. I have no complaints about Paur the Actor, who has a surprisingly lovely mellow baritone and carries the song, despite its trite lyrics, dramatically and intensely enough to involve both the audience and Bonnie.

I just wrote “lol, hugging” at this point in my notes, which I’m pretty sure refers to the point in the movie where Bonnie starts just bear-hugging Ribaldi all the time. Their leader, Pete, has to go live with his aunt in Chicago. Meanwhile, many in the town are risking foreclosure as a result of the Depression and suspect the mysterious Ribaldi, who initially did the very same thing to The Nelsons. Porter Baker Ryan Healey – Georgie’s brother, who speaks with stutter and does not get along with his father.

When Bonnie asks him his name, he rigolletto “Some people call me Rigoletto, but you don’t believe that, do you? A developer wants to have the elderly Jake evicted from his home to increase real estate value, so the kids decide to go on a bath strike.

Hans is a faithful butler who, it is implied, has been with Ribaldi since birth. Ssynopsis making riglletto all the way to the end, I can now confidently confirm that at no point anywhere in this movie will the use of the name Rigoletto make any sense or tie in any way back to the actual story of Rigoletto.

Through befriending Ribaldi, she learns not to judge him, or any other person, by their appearance. His face is a neverending string of sneers, pouts and contortions.