Prini ha manipolato la fotografia, mettendo in evidenza il dettaglio di una stella formata dalle dita di un fumatore che tiene una sigaretta tra le labbra. The collection is an important resource to understand the development of contemporary art research over the past 40 years and specifically in Italy. We were very much interested on what defines the crafting process. The subject is redefined every day according to artistic needs: The quality and characterization of the sound depends directly from that placement: Reynaud-Dewar paints her body black and then films herself dancing in empty exhibition spaces. To resolve a multitude of paradoxical equations: These inscriptions are positioned around the edge of the exhibition space where the walls meet the ceiling, without a clear indication of where the list starts or ends.

At least in the US. This is what I aim to do in my artistic practice: Working collectively and as a network has always been an essential aspect of my way of conceiving my work as a curator and organisation director. Chi sono gli autori di Museion? Negri a cura di , John Cage. It consists of a plastic container with a simple irrigation system in which wild plant species like elder and moss spontaneously take root. La technologie pour prouver quoi? When I work with dogs, the body is often incomplete; sometimes it is difficult to recognise the animal in the final form.

Entrambi i progetti si fondano su appropriazioni di strutture narrative pre-esistenti: For de Chirico, all forms draw meaning from the associations and memories they arouse in our consciousness. He fully understood that I was exploring the opportunities available in this country. Her work has been presented recently within the exhibition Passion Fruit at the Centre Pompidou, Paris and within Dynamo, A century of light in art, — at the Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais.

Negri a cura diJohn Cage. In fact I always try to lay as foundation of my work the process of listening, storytelling and creating a deep connection with the local context. During one conversation you took pains to stress the fact that your work was not a response to the history of the village. Seul un dieu est capable de concevoir un univers en quelques jours. Claire Le Restif Project: Delme is three hours by car from Brussels, Basel and Frankfurt, and Paris is only one-and-a-half hours from Metz or Nancy by train.


Garden is a project he began working on in The Registry of Promise. I end up with an object that bears the marks of the smelting and burning with a sort of bronze lacework that contrasts with the intensity of the method. They have developed a creative process that progressively subverts the standard field of choreography. He sees and points the way.

Suzuki come to mind. Et la critique suit. Le monde de Badland prend vie avec ravissement devant les yeux, dans les oreilles puis — et heureusement — au bout du doigt.

Allo stesso tempo, oscillando rsplay illuminismo e oscurantismo, vi si trova esposto il ruolo ideologico del museo. Pourquoi les modes de production importent tant dans ton travail?

Charles Esche described his ideal museum as fundamentally vague: Since sound is a vibration, in principle it can be inscribed on the media it comes into contact with. I recorded a lot of material about these entirely personal ways to create a new language, which are sometimes successful and sometimes not.

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Fronzi a cura diJohn Cage. Do you consider bronze as precious? We came together around the shared view that Paris lacked places that were midway between art school and institution, campafne where it was possible to test ideas, make mistakes and show the work of unestablished artists, whether they were still students or were older but unrecognised.

In my opinion, therefore, a museum of contemporary art has to underline and to create different links that move through the present-day cultural scene. Lois Weinberger is a key figure in the debate on the relationship between art and nature: The film enabled me to experiment with the potential aau these banal, real-world protagonists to become autonomous objects.

She has been Associate Editor of Manifesta Journal from to Chiara Agnello Since Careof fosters the development of contemporary art practice with passion, creativity and expertise. The recreated soundtrack of Tourisme Internationalon the contrary, includes all the sounds excluded from North Korean cinema, which give matter and depth to space.


I think that one should never underestimate his or her public!

The procession was enacted by protestors who are currently occupying the Teatro Valle Occupato, the oldest theater in the Roman capital, which has become a symbol of cultural resistance following the withdrawal of public funding. The surfaces and volumes, and the empty episide and shadows on the buildings, are carefully outlined.

Penso che non si debba mai sottovalutare il pubblico! I started planning the installation for the final exhibition with them. The rudimentary gesture of throwing something that rolls is what causes the action.

Perimetro — Misura a Studio Stanza was exhibited for the first time in at the La Bertesca Gallery in Genoa, on the occasion of the show marking the debut of Arte Povera. Credo fortemente nello scambio e nella collaborazione con altre istituzioni, specialmente se i partner hanno gli stessi bisogni e le stesse mission. Tony Fiorentino nasce a Barletta nel How do you situate the Floating House in this context?

Cage, La musica fino alin Lettera a uno sconosciutoedited by R. Gli viene allora in mente il suono del pianoforte quando Cowell percuoteva o pizzicava le corde, o quando vi faceva scorrere sopra degli aghi di metallo.

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I go to the office pretty often yeah. If people in a game studios have to deal with an uncomfortable situation, the founders sending around jokes or whatever, then it needs to be reported. Plastic is more solid than margarine, etc. Her work has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions.