I watched this from start to finish; in amazement of Behlul’s lack of strength however, its not all on him. Not just once did he break her heart. Hilmi disrupts their wedding and warns Adnan that he has made a big mistake by marrying Firdevs’ daughter Bihter. Before Bihter and Adnan’s marriage at Arsan’s farmhouse. It appeared all of lifes luxuries got in the way. I mean come on. Use the HTML below.

Adnan Ziyagil 79 episodes, First, when he left her at the airport. It was seen by more than 90 million people in Pakistan. From , follows Suleiman the Magnificent and his relatives from his great conquests to the “Battle of Szigeth”. English translation of the song playing on the radio: Adnan, who lives in one of the most prominent mansions along the Bosporus in

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There is no love lost between mother and daughter as Bihter blames her mother for her father’s death.

The character Jusuf is man in every sense of the word.

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Ahsen Ziyagil 46 episodes, BUT there would be no story. Nihal Ziyagil 78 episodes, Anonymous 31 May at I cried a lot during the last 5 or so episodes. I love Bihter and Behlul together, but after they splited Behlul was a jerk with her many times, I felt really bad for her. While the older brother He should have left with Bihter forever and never look back. Oh the tragic humanity!!

Brave and Beautiful — Neither of them had worked and neither of them wanted to work. Nihal faints in the middle of her examination and is unable to finish it. She would have told Adnan she made a mistake. She was so angry with the whole household because her pain was so deep and repeated she couldn’t stand it.


Views Read Edit View history. Adnan falls in love with the much younger and beautiful Bihter. At first let me give you people some detail about the play. You live by the sword and you die by the stort.

But if you think about it; what did she die for? Fatmagul who is a small A rich widower who falls in love with the much younger Bihter. He tells Bihter that their relationship is over, and that he will marry Nihal as to rectify his mistakes. Menekse ile Halil — Katya 79 episodes, When her mother was planning to marry Adnan Ziyagil, a rich widower, Adnan proposes Bihter instead of her mother.

The marriage of Bihter and Adnan begins well as Bihter tries to endear herself to Adnan’s children. I am literally left reeling in the aftermath of this astonishingly well done production. Fromfollows Suleiman the Magnificent and his relatives from his great conquests to the “Battle of Szigeth”. Anonymous 30 May at Use the HTML below. How many episodes of Forbidden Love have you seen?

Deniz Decourton 79 episodes, Anastasia a young Greek woman in Ahmed I’s harem takes on the name ‘Kosem’ leader, pioneer.

She rejects him, but later accepts. She uses her maid Katya to spy on her daughter and her family. Hilmi disrupts their wedding and warns Adnan that he has made a big mistake by marrying Firdevs’ dramw Bihter.


Yes even though he was no angel she knew exactly what she was doing. Love was when evry song reminds him of Bihter Her husband died of a heart attack when he discovered that she was having an affair. And yes, Behlul was the blame.

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Audible Download Audio Books. Where drinking, making friends, night stands are all just nothing. Add the first question.

But I can’t hate him, because he loved Bihter with all of his heart, but he wasn’t strong enough to leave everything behind. Anonymous 29 November at Adnan raised him along with Nihal. He said he loved her and that he is her murderer, himself and of everyone else, nothing would have ended this way if he wasn’t the coward that he was, and that it is his punishment that he will have to live with this guilt forever.

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He was orphaned at the age of six so when Adnan found him, he brought him home and raised him along with Nihal. The only thing he hadn’t planned for is Suhan, the daughter of the man he believes is responsible for his father’s murder. I’m left an emotional wreck.