Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. The Strange Horn will allow you to summon whichever of the three becomes your partner. However, the henchmen will return as stated before to get their revenge before they forgot. Keep me logged in on this device. In seasons, where do I give the secrets that I got in Ages? Strange Flute Game s. Instrument of the Sirens. It is advised the player chooses the partner they wish to have in the beginning of the game and get the Strange Flute according to the partner the player wants.

February 13, Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch! From Zelda Wiki, the Zelda encyclopedia. Link will find Moosh near the Yoll Graveyard ‘s entrance being attacked by monsters. About Zelda Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Each of the flutes is acquired in a different way. Was this guide helpful?

If Moosh is found, he will decide to join Link and gives him his flute. Is there any way to acquire the Dimitri’s Flute now? When the flute player blows into the flute in Holodrum and LabrynnaMoosh the flying bear will be called.

How do I get past level6 if i didnt use the key to open the keyhole block? After the flute has been identified, it can be used to summon that animal companion anywhere on the overworld. Which will become your partner will all depend on whether you have an item known as the Strange Horn it also depends where you recieve this item.

Strange Flute Game s. He helps Link and Ricky escape from these monsters by flying them away. Below is a list of the three detailing where you meet them, their abilites, and the criteria for adding them as your permanent companion.

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February 13, Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch! Partners Unlock Last Edited: Oracle of Seasons Oracle of Ages. When Link finds the lost animal, it will or out to be Moosh. Wiki Stats 7, articles 17, images. Once Link has checked the broken bridge that is recently being built, the Prankster Fairies will ask Link to help srasons find an animal that has recently gotten lost in their woods while playing hide ‘n’ seek with them.


I can help you if you like. From Zelda Wiki, the Zelda encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: If Link has Moosh join him, some areas within these regions will resemble a wasteland-like area filled with many pits that Moosh can fly over.

These animal companions include RickyMooshand Dimitri. Retrieved from ” https: When Link tries to later venture into Symmetry Cityhe will encounter the Fairies from the Fairies’ Woodswho ask Link to help an animal who got lost in their woods.

Link riding Moosh artwork from the Oracles series. I’ve experimented enough with this game to know this kind of stuff.

Unlike Ricky and Dimitri, Moosh is capable of hovering in the air to get past long strings of holes. Then, the Faeries from Fairies’ Woods stop Link and ask him to help them find an animal who got lost in their forest playground. Moosh’s flying ability is used in the Nuun Highlandswhich helps Link locate sfasons three lazy Carpenters needed to extend the bridge to the ruined city.

Strange Flute

When the gloves are returned, Ricky will offer to help Seasonz by transporting him to Spool Swamp. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat Each of the flutes is acquired in a different way.

Forgot your username or password? Oracle of Seasons Himekawa Moosh makes a brief appearance in the Oracle of Oacle manga by Akira Himekawaappearing to be a slow-witted creature, taking him several moments to realize he is in an area full of monsters. Moosh also warns Link that water is his weakness, and that he can not go into deep water. An early sign that Moosh’s Flute will be received is if the Nuun Highlands takes on a wasteland-style terrain with pits and deep gorges. Log In Sign Up. However, if Link doesn’t fo the Strange Flute before going to the Nuun Highlands, or obtains the Strange Flute by other means, he will be unable to be paired with Moosh.


Keep me logged in on this device. Answered How do I get past level6 if i didnt use the key to open the keyhole block? But when I get to the square he’s supposed to be in, he’s not there.

Moosh is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.

Answered How do I get the Bomber’s Ring? Moosh would be one of the animals lost if Link does not have any of the other Strange Flutes prior to the beginning of this event. Oracle of Seasons Himekawa. If you have already traveled to area where the broken bridge is located, then you are stuck with Moosh, unfortunately. Link will find Ricky north of Horon Villagewhere he tells Link that his boxing gloves where stolen by Blaino. This page was last modified on February 4,at Log In Sign Up.

Keep me logged in on this device. When Link tries to travel to Symmetry Cityhe finds the bridge is broken and tries to go back. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

In each game, there are two ways to obtain the Strange Flute; each way yields a different animal companion. How do I get the Bomber’s Ring?

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