Also i have this doodles of that post about the ending? After she dies in season two and Mianite is on the cusp of reviving her, he reveals that he couldn’t bring her back anyway. Or if he just feels like it. The Boomerang by saentiel reviews The boomerang was simple object, just a child toy’s. Whether he was a current or former follower of Mianite is unclear, but he was the leader of the Blood Knights before he left on his journey. And now… Sonja sighed and shook those thoughts out of her head. Sonja considered the soft pillow under her head and her warm boyfriend pressed against her back, with an arm slung protectively over her waist. Waglington James Hayes A former Season 1 Wizard, he was a relatively small role until Season 2 when he became a fifth hero.

One side of his face has a creeper pattern, due to the creeper spores. As she forged upward, she dispelled as many shadows as she could with what was probably an excess of torches. Red Eyes, Take Warning: Red and Black and Evil All Over: His roll took him further than he expected, and he slammed into the wall behind the skeleton. The pup managed to sit still for about two seconds before Star pulled out a mutton chop from inside her sleeve. And now… Sonja sighed and shook those thoughts out of her head. Adorably Precocious Child Braids of Action:

As she forged upward, she dispelled as many shadows as she could with what was probably an excess of torches.

So I decided, “I’ll give this a try”. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Horrible Judge of Character: She is currently in the Heroes’ home dimension. Unlike Martha and Wag across the room, who were looking somewhat presentable, Jordan clearly just woke up from a night of restless sleep.


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She also does some pretty endearing things, and occasionally joins the Streamers in their madcap antics. Tucker bit his lip and took in a shaky breath.

II_Jeriicho_II (Tucker Boner)

He has the driest sense of humor out of everyone. Tucker was shouting obscenities at mianiet teen, who retorted just as sharply. Sonja opened her eyes to the dim room again, slightly annoyed at being kept from sleep.

Towards Season 2 Mianite. Then he looked over at her and smiled, and her heart melted. Takes particular joy in this lifestyle. Badass Gay Berserk Button: Towards Ianite’s miniature copy, Ianita. Omgitsfirefoxx aka Sonja youtuber streamer realism omgitsfirefoxx.

Action Girl Animal Motifs: Flower in Her Hair: Tucker was happily swinging around an enchanted diamond sword that, while it had a little wear and tear, was clearly still very deadly to one on the receiving end.

It took more than thirty seconds for him to process what had happened – Star throwing his friend against the chests, her whispered warning, and Jordan stumbling out of the base – but by the time he finally managed to rip himself back into reality, he was gone. Trinity Island- A Waypoint Between by ForbiddenDeity reviews While the cast of Mianite make their way into the other world in season two, the alternates find themselves stuck on a halfway point between the worlds- a place called Trinity island.


Crappy summary but it will get better, I swear.

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Wag shot towards him and grabbed his arm before Tom could get too far. The older man curled up into the fetal position and groaned, burying his face in his pillow. Genki Girl Morality Pet: Friend to All Living Things: He’s not very fond of people calling him a copycat. He was strangely resistant to it, though, and when Sonja had searing pain pierce her forearm, she pulled away in terror.

Her eyes widened at the sheer amount of stuff the other three had managed to find. Silly only managed to follow about a third of what Star wanted her to do, and eventually she threw the meat in frustration, letting the wolf chase it down.

Country Bat Alyssa Sonja’s Alternate, though much younger than she is. In Season 2 he’s still mischievous, but more of a ruthless businessman than a straight-up villain. Her skin is a girl with a fox tail and ears. The creeper spores that would have turned him into a creeper had their effects kept internalized by Dianite. She let go of his hand to reach up to the ceiling in a stretch, moaning as her joints popped.