Hence, they filled the rest of the cast with the kachra party! When a daughter in law is giving birth to the waris, the family is the first one to know about it. Whats with Q just sitting next to W doing nothing..? A new perspective to let us think upon. Yay, more Numm comments! Our desi Super Nanny..

Before we got to that epic scene, however, we had to spend a lot of time watching poor Neelam suffer through labor pains. How comes N let anyone di that to her baby?? And thank goodness FAK and everyone else on this project can now move on. Not to forget Mansha pasha and ayesha omar, i loved them in ZGH, they were great in their respective roles. However at this point she seems to be the only sensible one. AK SZ oh yes def fav line was the aik showhar apni biwi ko… Will remember that fir a long time! Where have to send him now?? The leisurely pace and the loud background music will get to me — I know.

Looking forward to seeing how and when these secrets are revealed.

Looking forward from the team and more. Indeed that was the most memorable dialogue of the drama. My main complaint is that I really cannot seem to connect with any of the characters. As Numm fb page have put it happy winter season.

This site uses cookies. Throughout the episode Rahat, N, Dr. Now how lame was she.

Numm – Last Episode!

Lolol Like u i have to give it Numm for introducing me to this forum. Welcome to the club Huma. Sorry for writing a whole novella! The scenes after that…. It did not answer all the questions. He finally commented on Khoobsurat in his instagram erview It looked like when Neelam went into the labour, Baray Sahab had no idea of what was happening rather he was busy recalling what Wali said about giving Mahjabeen a chunk of their property.


Check it out if you havent …Its a well done story…. It was as if everyone was deliberately trying not to be seen in same frame as N. But Fawad failed revview leave an impression. Good looks, a grand rdama, a good story or the name of a Director alone does not make a good serial.

A Wali and Mahjabeen expressing their love for one another.

Great review SZ, very well written. I really wish Fawad would move on from this two women fighting over him scenario ,surely there are better stories out there? Sania Saeed, Fawad Khan, Usman Peerzada and Farah Shah brought their characters alive so very beautifully, essaying all the complexities ever so exquisitely.

Numm Episode 12 review : A tale of two Grandsons | DRAMA PAKISTANI®

If you are asking us to read the script, please share it also with SZ drxma she can review that too. Honestly must watch and read all the comments just for a laugh!

U truly deserve a life-time achievment award here! Chalo ji un ke dil ke armaan bhi …, lololol Like Like. As someone else has mentioned below, can you share the script so that we can all enjoy the promised story. The theme song of revisw gained popularity among fans and viewer.


That the serial did not pan out as we had hoped will always be a source of disappointment for me. Our response are almost identical! And, as if one unwanted wife was not bad enough, the minute he lands home he is blithely informed about a second marriage; this time to his bachpan ki mangetara more suitable although considerably younger and immature Neelam. That said, the fast-paced plot resolution of the last few episodes felt way out of place given the initial slow pace and general progression of the plot.

Numm Episode 12 review : A tale of two Grandsons

Sanya Saeed is of course subtly perfecther acting skills are undeniable. In the end I do sympathize with all the followers of this drama who had to endure such a pain on weekly basis. I will be watching for sure!

Aor Allah jaanay Dilawar kahan Gaya. As for the blog all i can say is total delusion!! Yaar, bari der kardi aatey aaytey.