I just hope that they are making some money, for all the work they are putting into it. I am still hoping and waiting for this movie to be released. The episodes have been replaced with a website. I think Happy Tree Friends is on it. Get your friends excited, share the Ninjai sneak peek at www. Click here to read our Kickstarter announcement!

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Artist A Chit chat with Bryan Martinez. I was looking for animation work and a friend of mine told me about this studio hiring animators for an animated feature film. Toy Story 4 Teaser. A young warrior adventures throughout the ancient world — searching for answers to one of life’s most fundamental questions: One week left folks! I lost contact and never heard from them again.

Phacker – Thanks so much for telling me about that site!

Ninjai – episodic animation

This article has multiple issues. I was looking for animation work and a friend of mine told me about this studio hiring animators for an animated feature film. We think you guys are gonna’ love the gear! We’d love to hear from you, fill out the form below to get started. Skip to main content.

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Hi Gang, “Ninjai The Little Ninja” – I did a search in these forums for this title an came back with nothing – just wondering if any of you have watched these animations. Retrieved from ” https: I was never a fan of Broken Saints. We’re pretty excited about em’ so far! It is often cited as the best web-based series of the time. Whoever wants a shot at walking away with a first run Kickstarter prototype Ninjai hat, we encourage you to keep sharing with friends, family and the rest of the world!


I could be wrong, but I suspect their use of over-the-top violence is also very much in keeping with their style of post-apocalyptic Japanese anime. View the Facebook Post. I’m not a big fan of anime and violence but Ninjai has some sort of appeal which I think is partly down to it being produced by amateurs.

I think Happy Ninua Friends is on it. A creation of the Ninjai Gang, Ninjai: I do like their choice litrle music, and the openning where the little Ninja is walking eepisodes the meadow. Keep in mind everyone will have the chance to get themselves a cool hat too, plus a ton of other awesome merchandise in the upcoming Ninjai Feature Film Kickstarter campaign, so stay tuned and keep sharing! He often fearlessly looks trouble in the face — even though we hardly see his actual face — and swiftly takes care of any threat.

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Inbeon Con Video. I agree that the flsh characters and detailed backgrounds sometimes clash, but I think they’ve done a great job re-creating a cel animation look in Flash. By Cathy Saturday, February 11, at 4: To make my short story even shorter, I applied, accepted and did some animations for this cool movie.


Have something you’d like to talk to us about? It’s such an achievement. Ninhai Sprite City 5 — Friendly Fire. After creating a huge following and a progressive shift in the overall series quality, the Ninjai Gang decided in December to take Ninjai to the big screen with a feature film release.


I’d be interested to hear what you think of the idea of episodic animation content delivered on the net. They are some of my favorite online stuff:. Fans Connect with us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter to receive all the latest news and updates.

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Some of the violence is a little over the top, but what the hey, I am sure the guys putting it out are young, and feel ninaj cool. For a group that probably doesn’t have much, if any, formal animation training, I think they’ve done an awesome job.

Every time I see al, short scene that I animated in the sneak peak, I feel a bit proud being part even in a small way of this amazing animated movie. Good news on the Kickstarter rewards! It was almost unfair, albeit that his abilities were grossly taken for granted based on his stature.

You may also like I lost contact and never heard from them again. I think the interent is a perfect medium for 2D animation.