I’m gonna fuck a pig. I’m sure they’ll be just fine I like Jack Bauer! Wait, I’ve got it. I mean, come on. There’s just too much going on in my personal life.

What the hell happened to my father?! And her movie career. I’m going to disguise myself as a hideous old woman, then I’m going to offer them this [holds out an apple]. What an exciting moment in the series! I can do and say whatever I want and nothing bad will happen! But going back to my consistent apathy towards everything LittleKuriboh does: I mean, come on.

She wants her giant forehead back, and her movie career.

I mean, come on. You have to promise me nlnjabridge if I don’t survive; you have to tell Hinata You need to login to do this. Sasuke is having a hard time against Haku’s Crystal Ice Mirror technique.

Ninja Movie No Jutsu pt1 – Видео Dailymotion

Master Ninja Theme Song! I am forever doomed to sound like an attractive young man with a wide range of emotions. Hey, Sakura, Christina Ricci called. Why would anybody else want to watch it?

Nobody even knows why they’re making a bridge anymore. I’ll give you some paperclips and a Subway coupon. That’s ninjzbridge we call them ninja prostitutes!


Sakura, I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. I sent Naruto to go find her. I need to find One Piece.

Don’t give it up, Ninjabridgw Despite the Ninjabridge channel being flagged and deleted by an ad-bot, it has returned as of 15 June Oh man, the suspense! You killed my nephew’s pet kitten. Hey, David Bowiethe seventies called, and they want their timely references back! I wanted to say this to your faces, because you’re awesome like that. Sasuke in a monotone voice: Wait a minute, did you just summon a bunch of ninjas in one turn? Well, students, it’s been a good ride, but I’m afraid I have to leave.

So this guys’s like, “I’m going to go to conventions to promote my bridge. I am here to datte your bayos! That means it’s working!

Ninja Movie No Jutsu pt1

Well, Advent Children called and they want their crappy villains back! The movie can be found in one part hereand the ninth episode is available here.

Everybody subscribes nibjabridge it. Hey, Sasuke, I bought you a puppy. Don’t give it up, Sasuke! Because he’s clearly not a ninja! I got you some paperclips and a Subway coupon. Enjoy burying those kids I killed.


The torment of an extremely attractive ninja who is lusted after by pretty much every girl he’s ever met. Her name was Mittens.

I decided that it is a lot better to not have my mouth move at the same time as my voice. Who has arrived in the ninja smoke that only ninjas can use?? And then I killed it!. I epusode do and say whatever I want and nothing bad will happen! I am here to complain to you about things that upset me! Unless of course they were attacked by some sort of magical ninja train, but that would just be the most retarded plot twist of all- oh my God, it is M.