Watch Episode 20 Sub. I think you will pick your shippers. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Your email address will not be published. Also, You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly was a delight to watch. Sung-jae knows exactly why President Kang is here to talk to him, and he hilariously makes good use of his upper hand.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Billy Porter wears tuxedo gown to Oscars. Almost immediately, Seo-young gets a text from Lawyer Go: For example, last week, the highest rated episode of “I’ll Give You the Stars and Moon,” a daily drama, got What do we do without your awesome recaps. I caught a glimpse of her in Rascal Sons and she was awesome as always. Next post Jo Hyun Jae on Facebook: I don’t see ‘The great king’s dream’ listed here anywhere.

Canadians can expect an abrupt transition to spring: But that evil face SH mess up every thing. Hoping you have a good time. Dozens of cars involved in a crash on Highway You know how to live this way, Father, you can live this way, Father — why did you do that then in the past?

How… did you watch that? So glad, I am able again. That pairing would have been the stuff of nightmares. Is May Queen any good? Watch Episode 24 Sub.

Back in the present, Seo-young looks at that wedding invitation she kept all these episore, and tears fill her eyes at the recollection.

Watch Episode 32 Sub.

Hahhaa awww how precious. Thank you, daugher, pinkblossom.!! Our Seo-young, who is the prettiest in the whole wide world, is having the happiest wedding in the whole wide world with Mr. Watch Episode 18 Sub. Posted March 26, Ara October 8, at 7: Have to wait for English subs. Watch Episode 20 Sub. I particularly adore the love story and angst between Jae Yong and Yi Sok, twas totally adorable!


Sung-tae takes his leave and Yeon-hee tells an oblivious Seo-young to be nice to the jealous Woo-jae.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here Yeon-hee introduces Sung-tae as their hometown friend, and the men greet each other.

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I have yet to watch a weekend family drama this year Like your writing skill. I wish there was dramacrayz award for best ensemble cast like in the Emmys.

Every other drama is kind of overestimating it, imo. Watch Episode 36 Sub. Watch Episode 35 Sub. Mama Choi concedes that point, and she starts choking up at the thought that if her father was alive, he would have gone and brought back Papa Choi. And I do agree that it was written so captivatingly that we as viewers care about all the characters that were laid out to us. Now, there is two shippers and if you watch up to episode Watch Episode 43 Sub. Been busy with my year-end government reports these days.

I’ve been planning to check out MDSY for a while now because its the same screenwriter as 49 days, Prosecutor Princess and Brilliant Legacy but I’m episodee sure about picking up a 50 ep-er that looks this heavy Papa Lee comes home from work and Seo-young excitedly hands him her wedding invitation. You who rolled in unexpectedly is one of the best family drama I’ve ever watched.


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Papa Lee cannot believe his ears, and Ho-jung who can hear from inside her room struggles to believe what she is hearing. Watch Episode 11 Sub. DNA tests give Sask. By the way, I wonder if that TW remake had good ratings Everyone play well in the drama, even though the story line kinda easy to predict but still, its not decrease the fun while watching it. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: How could you understand?

ShinRaeMi07 October 8, at 6: Suryana Karyadi, thank you very much for always letting us know when new Eng subs become available. Mama Kang replies that she was eisode envious Mama Choi, who had a loving father and the sweet and kind Papa Choi.

Watch Episode 6 Sub. Seo-young kneels in front of Papa Lee. It premiered at Watch Episode 15 Sub. Well, I guess that gets you high ratings in Korea always. Anyone who actually likes romances about single moms that aren’t melo got any?