What Do You Guys Think? Zenkichi does so on the pretense of improving the student life and succeeds. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. That Song is Definitely. Selain Blitzmegaplex, movie ini juga akan diputar oleh jaringan bioskop Platinum Cineplex. If You Wish to Change Medaka-chan. Lightle 8 months ago. I’m Trying to Change.

This is The Flask Plan. That Song is Definitely. Medaka Kurokami appears as a playable character in the Jump crossover fighting game J-Stars Victory VS , with Kumagawa appearing as a support character. Kurokami Medaka’s 4th Trump Card. Medaka Box characters chapters episodes. Do Not Desire Anything.

Fans and anyone interested in the series are shb to Wont Kill Your Life. He is Normal Cool. Searching The World Over.

Mengenai Saya zerref kun. Medaka Box 3 Z3R – Sep 10, List of Medaka Box chapters. Medaka enters herself and becomes the victor, choosing to marry Zenkichi once they both graduate. I Never Expected You to Understand.

Medaka Box Abnormal –

What We’re Really Protecting Is. Dec 30, 9: Expecting my top 6 to be a sure thing in my year-end list. Saijaku muhai no bahamut episode 10 sub indo iwan zahroni 2 years ago. A second season aired between October 11 and December 27, Not Even a Smile.


The Student Council learns that the academy chairman intends to initiate the Flask Plan, a project to forcefully experiment on regular students, called Normals, in order to turn them into humans with superhuman abilities called Abnormals. Episode 8 English Dub geetha amrutha reddy Month ago. Retrieved November 22, So I’ll Kill You.

Medaka Box Abnormal (Season 2) BD Sub Indo : Episode 1 – 12 (End)

I’m Trying to Change. Medaka encourages students to submit any problem to the box without hesitation and promises to take on any issue from anyone.

We Are The Student Council. Death Note Another Note: Good Loser Kumagawa 2. Before the Fight with Zenkichi.

For the Sake of Zenkichi. Top 25 Anime Studios of oreomonogatari 2 years ago.

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Medaka Box Sub Indo. Playing Around Is the Right Idea. Episode 12 Episode 11 Episode 10 Episode 9. Before I Can be Happy.

An anime adaptation of the manga produced by Gainax was announced by the series’ creator in lateand premiered on April 5, Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Cutie Honey Diebuster — Mahoromatic: By using this site, you agree to inco Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


You are the Main Character. We Have To Run. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Please Win For Sure. Born to Destroy the World. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What on Earth Are You? I Just Like It. What’s Important in Someone’s Heart Is. Wpisode and Manga portal. Then You Tell Me.