No, the ‘5’-tier Performing Artist series guitars use HPL high pressure laminates with a koa-pattern top layer to make it look pretty. Neck really nice to play on — really shallow curve in the neck — should be super easy for most to play and a pleasure to play. Great sound when palm muting and equally good with finger picking, strumming and flat picking. In that respect, a top-end all-solid-wood guitar is often more demanding of your commitment and technique to get the best from it. We really like the Stratabond neck, too – super solid, with great feel and effortless playability. Home About Privacy Policy. As is custom on sixstringacoustic.

Pros Good plugged-in performance. Due to its grand auditorium shape a. Again this is something that is used a lot on lower priced Martin guitars. Yes it is essentially a type of plywood made using wood veneers. It feels nice to play on — smooth and fast. The sides and back are made of exclusive, environment-friendly HPL Koa wood.

But mostly it was due to playability.

It might be a tiny aesthetic point, but we really like that sharp headstock angle, too. The Sapele will be a warmer, fuller sound in comparison. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Atop the HPL is an unbound solid spruce top. Could you elaborate more on that stratabond that you mentioned Nate?

Some people of course prefer solid back ssries sides but at this price range laminate is expected — seriess the bonus is that it helps to keep the guitar nice and light. It still has that piezo sound, but nowhere near as harsh as more rudimentary systems.

Martin GPCPA5K Guitar Expert Review (Updated )

I still think the action is a little high and I need to adjust the bridge. Would be great if you can steer me in the right direction thanks! Neck really nice to play on — really shallow curve in the neck — should be super easy for most to play and a pleasure to play. Value for money In my opinion, absolutely yes. Widen your view, however, and there’s no absolute reason why acoustic guitars have to have bound tops”.


I like it quite low and this was already set quite low. I am also thinking off taking your advice and changing the plastic pins and nut. However it does strive towards midrange-y tones much more.

Anyone with smaller hands will also be fine with this guitar, due to the flat curve on the back of the neck — and anyone who is physically smaller in general, due to the slightly smaller size of the shape when compared to a dreadnought. More serious, the top of the dreadnought is actually starting to come away minutely from the body – do check carefully if you’re thinking of buying one.

Martin is already a byword for quality, traditional acoustic guitars. You will certainly feel right at home with this mighty gitbox in your hands. Due to its grand auditorium shape a. Plugged in is where this guitar makes much more sense. It is an all-around beast of an instrument that is best suited for those of you who prefer the live stage setting.

The masterful components on this work of art continue in the same manner — speaking an equally enchanting tale of quality. A moderately high action enables you to dig in quite hard. The sides and back are made of exclusive, environment-friendly HPL Koa wood. What are the differences between these two?

Hello Nate- Which guitar would you recommend between these two? The Grand Performance body enables a vast stage presence through its big and chunky tones — seeking attention and deservedly getting it, while the electronics packed inside naturally enhance it.

Yep, lots of letters and numbers: So we have an interesting paradox: Eeview PA5 guitar favours a light touch acoustically, but its plugged-in performance and sensible level of onboard control is stronger. Might be a bit late to ask, but what strings to you recommend for this guitar.

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Glad you liked the review. Hey Nathan As always, very good writing here. Hope that answers your question — kartin me know if you want to know more. Wow a Martin for less than ? The instrument is topped off reviiew its gorgeous headstock — coming equipped with six chrome enclosed tuning machines. Home About Privacy Policy. The material has been used in Martin models for well over a decade – ‘s DXM was the first – and has been accepted as a reliable, environmentally aware alternative to solid and laminated woods.


Martin GPCPA5K HPL Koa Natural – Mixing The Traditional With New Age

There are several other models in the performing artist series, the most similar being: But I would experiment with different strings to see what you like the sound of the most. Thanks for this great review! Of course it will always sound a bit different in real life but this should give you some idea to see if the sound is for you.

The laminate is Koa patterned which gives it a really nice look. Instead, we have a pleasing spread of bass and treble – what it lacks in punch and authority, it makes up for in a sound and response that doesn’t require you to work too hard as a player. Hand on heart, we’re left unmoved, but there’s nothing stopping anyone making meaningful music with this instrument – just look at Ed Sheeran with his LXM!

Hey Nathan quick question btw great review much appreciated. Immediately, the PA5 lacks depth. Hey Alex — thanks man! In some ways that was personal preference because I prefer a warmer tone. Usually they are pretty pricey guitars! The impressive white corian nut is 1.

I would have just called it GCP5K to make it easier to remember but hey it probably sounds flasher as it is! More Info and Where to Buy If you are performiny in learning more about the GPCPA5K, or if you are ready to buy, or if you are researching availability and prices check out the links below.