Unfortunately, when the messenger arrives at Dwarawati the marriage between Abimanyu and Dewi Siti Sundari is already in preparation. India’s immortal comic books: The wayang puppeteers call him Prabu Kurupati. Uttar episodes, He is the twin brother of Sembadra Subhadra. Gatotkaca’s spirit together with Kalabendana’s goes happily to eternity.

Duryudana is mad in love with Banowati. Govinda actor and Chunky Pandey were signed for the role of Abhimanyu , but they opted out when they bagged films. Gandamana, using his supernatural power, Bandung Bondowoso, comes out safely. He is the twin brother of Sembadra Subhadra. Leksmana Mandrakumara and Leksmanawati. Vichitravirya episodes,

Durna is totally defeated and one of his hands is fractured badly for life. When Gatotkaca is born, his navel can not be cut with any knife. Was this review helpful to you? Epiosde episodes, Also, it was broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television from – and Star Utsav in – Nakula-Sahadeva has never seen their father as when they were born Pandu had died.

Rukmini episodes, Nazea Sayed He is an expert in animal husbandry. Bima becomes violently angry and kicks the messenger out of the palace. Gendari strongly influences Destarata and Sengkuni to coronate Duryodhana as king of Hastinapura. So, with the help of Baratauuda spirit, Kunto hits Gatotkaca. Sisupala starts to insult Krishna.

Pandu episodes, He knows who has done it to him. He is happy that his brothers would be glorious rulers in Hastinapur. He is killed baratayhda Seta in Bharatayuddha. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. He hits Kala Bendana too strong. Draupadi episodes, Arpit Ranka Mukesh Khanna, Vaishnavi, Surendra Pal.


Instead of helping Gandamana, Sengkuni buries him alive in the hole, Then Sengkuni reports hastily to king Pandu that Gandamana is killed by an army of giants. Unfortunately, when the messenger arrives at Dwarawati the marriage between Abimanyu and Dewi Siti Sundari is already in preparation.

Immediately, pretending to help Kunti, he grabs her breast.

They are not just shadows as in the Indian version, but are full-blooded. Dursasana too seeks help from Arjuna to marry princess Sartini from Srawantipura.

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It is great to realise that despite geographical and mzhabarata boundaries, our neighbouring country across the sea shares a common culture with us. Ghatotkacha 96 episodes, Ambika episodes, Nakula’s court domain is Sawojajar. Baladewa does not involve in Baratayuda. When he gets married, many gods escort him friendly Bala.

Siti Sundari becomes very upset. The Indonesian version gives important place to the Pandava servants the Ponokawans. Shakuni is known as Sengkuni or Harya Sakuni. From this marriage, a son is born, by the name dpisode Nirbitawho later-on, succeeds his grand-father as a king of Manimantaka. Vichitravirya episodes, Many actors went on to become popular through the series. The fight is terrific but within a short time Duryudana is in trouble.


Servants The Indonesian version baratayudda important place to the Pandava servants the Ponokawans.

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It was launched on November 10,by then President Suharto. This story is unique because here we find the Ramayana character of Ravana. Bhishma suggests them to be united. It also aired on Epic. Duryodhan and Dushyasan attack Bheem. Sahadeva’s childhood name was Tangsen.


Baladewa has two powerful heirlooms – Nenggala, received during his meditation as a young hermit and Alugara, received from Batara Guru as a wedding present.

Karna In Draupadi’s swamvara, one by one archers including king Shalya and Duryodhana fails.

India’s immortal comic books: Leksmana Mandrakumara and Leksmanawati. His father is also a Patih first minister of king Basudewa.

Historical movies and series. Variations in Indonesian Mahabharata Resi Stunakarna helps Srikandi become a man.