It just made her look crazy but then again this is lhh. I knew this mess was gonna be trash the day Chrissy and Jim walked away and it became an hour long. When a man see that a woman has no respect for herself and no self esteem then he’s going to jump right on that and play on her weaknesses. She always pretending to be oblivious to everything just like her drug king pin husband! The show was originally Jimmy’s. She goes out to marry him to try and prove some, whatever, point she’s trying to prove. He’s only doing what they allow him to do.

Yandy def looks better than her I just can’t with Dirty Foots Peter Nuns. I got a uterus TEW. Bish sit down, you and your ever available puss ain’t going no where, but he ain’t never going to make you anything more than his dumping spot Amina should of kept shyt real and said That tea was delicious

They the same age mentally.

OAN did anyone see the look on Tara’s face when Amina announced she was pregnant, priceless. All I know is every last one of them on that stage looked a hot as ghetto mess. No one wants to hear his bird wife caw some weak verses on any track.

Peter Gunz must have the good, good because other than that I can’t see what the hype is with him. Maybe he was late on “his part” of her rent. Looking stupid is the least of their problems.


LHHNY Archives – DDotOmen

In my opinion Tara is wrong but she continues to blast Amina. When a man see that a woman has no respect for herself and no self esteem then he’s going to jump right on that and ddootmen on her weaknesses. I see Yandy still trying to act unbothered that Rah fckd her man and said he had a small dck?? The jokes will continue to write themselves on that one. As a special highlight of the reunion. And you still mad? So she does petty shit. Tried to be their bff. We are on the same page. I feel bad for ALL the kids.

Ole dirty feet got handed some soap and water for that one. Amina is looking for some sympathy. Rule 1 of Bossdom: I was rooting for her at the beginning to be the one with all the common sense and remove herself as she KEPT claiming she was gonna do. So you saying she come from a long line of “You have to grease your SCAB before you put in a relaxer. So will people who need a colon cleansing That woman ain’t thinking about you, let it go. We will see when Tara pregnant again in two seasons.


Nah, I need it. I was like “naw, I didn’t just hear that. Papoose was lhhby I don’t like you look And ended it with I aint no ddotoemn I eppisode think Keke is playing with a full deck of cards.

But I think I got more eggs left than you do. Regardless of what you think about her, she’s unmarried, single, with no kids.

Love Hip Hop Season 9 Episode 6

Those ladies can’t episodee Peter because neither love themselves. What, sitting next to your wife! That’s what she said on Twitter. It’s wpisode how he was questioning her moral compass when his has been going in the wrong direction for many years right now. For someone who speaks as good as she does, plus teaching etiquette classes to others, um I can only blame it on the fact she is indeed an actress and she deserves an award for being the best at fooling her damn self.

I think they’re on dope