Type A personal watercraft, model year and beyond, which are 8 or more feet in length, may be operated on Pointe-aux-Chenes WMA from April 1 until the Monday after Labor Day Weekend, from sunrise to sunset only. Hunting by reservation for wheelchair confined PCHP permittees only. Same as outside, still hunt only. Beagles allowed for rabbits and dogs allowed for squirrel hunting Jan. All nighttime activities prohibited. In addition, hunters may hunt feral hogs with archery equipment, shotguns loaded with buckshot or slugs, or rimfire rifles no larger than.

Hunting restricted to small game Jan. That portion west of Twelve Mile Bayou closed to fishing Oct. Rules and Regulations posted at campsite. April 15 — May 5 Turkey Youth Lottery: Physically Challenged Deer Hunting Area: Contact Pineville Field Office for details and applications.

SPRING SQUIRREL SEASON SET TO BEGIN MAY 3 | Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Army Corps of Engineers 16, acres. A fee is assessed for use of this campsite. That portion west of Twelve Mile Bayou closed to fishing Oct. May be taken by properly licensed hunters Oct. Landowners or their designees may remove beaver and nutria causing damage to their property without a special permit.

Also, it is mandatory for hunters to check the open area maps, located at check stations, daily for sudden closures. Forest Serviceacres, Lake Charles Office Self-clearing permit ldwv daily for all activities.


Hunting or take of squirrel or rabbit with a breech-loaded squirrrel or handgun larger than. Tangipahoa Parish School Board Owner: Same deer seasons listed below.

See WMA map for specific location. Same as outside except closed after 2 p. Alexander State Forest Owner: Parking of vehicles on levees prohibited. Deer hunting archery only.

Open concurrently with Quail Season. Retriever training allowed on selected portions of the WMA. April 6 — May 5 Turkey Youth Lottery: Contact the Lafayette Field Office for specific details.

Hunters that use dogs should bring plenty of water since it will be warmer than the fall season.

Hunters should also bring insect repellant. April 6 — May 5. Exceptions Licensed trappers may take bobcat during the open trapping season without possessing a Basic and Big Game License. Special regulations to be posted at Twin Lfwf Clear Creek. Beagles allowed for rabbits and dogs allowed for squirrel hunting Feb. All nighttime activities prohibited.

Quadrupeds & Resident Birds Seasons & Regulations

Lake Charles Office Area Closed: Same as outside and OPEN to squirrel hunting during the spring season, Maywith or without dogs. Self-clearing permit required daily for all activities. Squirrel hunting with dogs allowed Nov. Exceptions Crows, blackbirds, cowbirds and grackles may be taken year round during legal shooting hours if they are depredating or about to depredate upon ornamentals or shade trees, agricultural crops, livestock, wildlife, or when concentrated in such numbers as to cause a health hazard.


Special regulations pertaining to fishing are posted at specific lakes. Use of shotguns larger than a 10 gauge or capable of holding more than three shells.

Deer Physically Challenged Wheelchair-confined Lottery: Must be hunter education certified. All roads closed 8 p.

Individual WMA Schedules A-K | Louisiana Hunting Seasons & Regulations – | eRegulations

Contact Pineville Field office for details and applications. Big Colewa Bayou Owner: No motorized water craft allowed on farm complexes. Daily military clearance is required for all recreational users. The daily bag limit is three with a possession limit of 6.

Resident Small Game Seasons

Contact Lafayette Field Office for details and applications. The remainder of the area is open to other use. Daily Youth Hunt Permit required.