Tripurari asks him to go ahead. Inspector asks did you believe you? Gelethi s me too in the office.. Viplav asks him to leave it. The crazy people tries to burn the house. A password will be e-mailed to you. Kanak says it will be last trick. Ishq Ka Rang Safed.

Suwarna tells him whatever had happened with her and says Dhaani did this to protect my life and for my happiness. Kanak greets Dasharath and asks what he would like to eat today, kheer or halwa of his choice. Badi Amma says she is just joking. I m waiting for repeat telecast of Saturday episode.. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. She gets angry, push him to back and told something.

Fatarajo 11th Jan – Tripurari comes out of house shocking Viplav. Gelethi s me too in the office. Jyoti 11th Jan – 6: Hi Shri, I am also good. Tripurari asks what happened Viplav baba.

Shri naanu chennagiddini, neevu? She says it is good and our house got saved from jaj impure. Dadi and Raj Lakshmi asks Viplav and Dhaani to break relation.

Colors tv ishq ka rang safed 9th january full episode – Film streaming ce que je sais delle

In todays precap for monday sushmaji will ask viplav to break this marraige,and raj laxmi asks dhaani to break the relationship….


Hats off to u. Kanak comes and asks Viplav why he is so eager to talk to Dhaani when he is getting married to her in somedays. Gud mng safes and bye. Kanak says it will be last trick.

Later Jam informs Dasharath that Dhaani got him freed from jail which shocks Dasharath.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Kanak says yes, as Dhaani had freed Tripurari and have taken ishs cases against him. Fatarajo 11th Jan – 8: Kanak asks Viplav to sleep and not talk to Dhaani again in night. Suwarna tells him whatever had happened with her and says Dhaani did this to protect my life and for my happiness.

Kanak acts and cries proving her point.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed – 9th September 2015 – इश्क का रंग सफ़ेद – Full Episode (HD)

Viplav asks how did you come out of police station, and asks if he bribed the Inspector. Epiaode maththe sonu hegidhiraa?? Thank u for ur comment on IKRS. Suwarna asks him to think about han, and asks what you will feel if Dhaani leaves you. It feels good to write n read comments. Viplav says you can live your life, but after getting punished for his crimes. She sees Dasharath standing and says she thought Viplav went to bring Suwarna.


He disconnects the call. Dhani please forgive TP.

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Viplav is going to feel very bad when he gets to know dhaani freed tripurari from the jail. Safev d end I like ikrs motto but too much of misunderstanding n negativity ,dragging definately bores me. Tripurari says you have dragged and brought me here, and my wife has to face so much.

Dasharath is shocked too.

Welcome, Login to your account. So finally Viplav misunderstands Dhani.

Tripurari says you got shocked. Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani to inform Viplav. Once she goes, Tripurari laughs and says lets wait one more night and then everything will happen according to his will.

Raj Lakshmi says nothing will happen to us.