Salam Ya Sahby Learn more More Like This. Search for ” Hanafy al-obaha ” on Amazon. Both movies tell the story of a thief who is allowed out of prison for 48 hours due to a deal with a policeman to help arrest a gang of criminals. A businessman who loves his daughter very much, refuses every man who proposes for her in order not to leave him. Morgan, who is an uneducated very rich man, is used to buy everything he wants. Start your free trial.

Trying to deceive pain. The film tells the story of an ex-burglar who is struggling to lead a normal life with his wife and little son. Hassan wa Morcus Sherif Khairy, Adel Emam , returns home to find out that the Israeli Embassy in Egypt took over the building he used to live in. Adel Emam, Omar Sharif, Lebleba. Imam performs the role of the husband while Lebleba playes his wife. Hanafy the Wonderful 5.

Allaeb ma’a alkebar Adel Emam, Omar Sharif, Lebleba. In all three movies, a village is attacked by a gang of outlaws, so its ao seek the help of a group of mercenaries.

This, in addition to its soundtrack being used for Marlboro TV ads, made the movie a widely known success. Use the HTML below.

Enjoy a night in with these hanaafi movies available to stream now with Prime Video. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Hassanein is a poor illiterate man who leaves his village and moves to the city to live with his maternal uncle and his family.

A Groom from the Security Entity It has to be noted, however, that most of these movies included a reference to the fact that they were inspired by or adapted from other movies — and that this transparency is hard to come by in Egyptian hanfai. Hanafy the Wonderful 5.


Hanfy El Obaha Movie – فيلم حنفى الأبهه

It stars Mervat Amin and Imam, whose character is named Salah Fouad — the ad executive who does whatever possible to win new campaigns. Adel Emam, Sherine, Ahmed Rateb. But can he refuse a man from a security entity? Its comedy is based on a set of misunderstandings.

Hanafi the Wonderful [hanafi al-obaha] () – (Adel Imam) Egyptian movie poster F, NM $35 *

His elder brother pressures him to return to burglary. Egypt, Germany and the maintenance of the modern world.

The film revolves around Saeed AL-Masri Adel Imamone of the pilots of the October War who lost his sight after his plane exploded in the war are forced to live in a home for the blind Imam performs the role of the husband while Lebleba playes his wife. Amir El Zalam It had its license revoked and was banned only a few weeks after hitting cinemas.

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It stars Doris Day and Rock Hudson and received an Oscar nomination for best original script in A fighter, Harfoush Imam finds himself in the twentieth century after a magician governor sends him there and he starts adventuring in this new world.

Edit Storyline An officer balancing his marriage and police responsibilities releases a prisoner ohaha with the aim of using him to find and capture his old gang.


However, he fails to keep a job and has no choice but to Hassan wa Morcus Adaptation from other movies has always been a regular occurrence in cinema. Having lost their home, a man strives to provide shelter to his family in different Cairo settings underestimating the funny complexities that come with it.

In the three movies, a thief hides from the police in a restaurant, where he gets to know the owner and his wife, who wants to get rid of her husband. Add the first question. The Best Movies of Adel Imam. A businessman who loves his daughter very much, refuses every man who proposes for her in order not to leave him.

Adel Emam Hanafi Al Obaha Fight Scene Egyptian Arab Movie Classic

Adel Imam movies that are adapted from foreign movies have not once, even remotely, mentioned the original work. Tit for Tat is an exact copy.

Hanafy the Wonderful Learn more More Like This. Hanafy’s Father Ola Rami This article was originally published in Arabic in Raseef Bakhit and Adeela Actor Adel Imam, a rare artistic phenomenon in the Arab world since the mids, built his stardom through many films obha have become Egyptian cinema classics. Salam Ya Sahby Morgan Ahmed Morgan Search for ” Hanafy al-obaha ” on Amazon. Start your free trial.