From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Solving problems by prolonging conflicts and provoking new problems is not the way to go as well as radical change of heart when the situation is undesirable. Tolstoy used material in Russian archives, including Hadji Murad’s own account of his life. The story begins with a prologue in which the author tells us about his time spent on a meadow observing run over bushes. The Tsar orders an attack on the mountaineers and Murat remains in the fortress. Not only did the stalk prick on every side — even through the handkerchief I wrapped round my hand — but it was so tough that I had to struggle with it for nearly five minutes, breaking the fibers one by one; and when I had at last plucked it, the stalk was all frayed and the flower itself no longer seemed so fresh and beautiful. In he married year-old Sofya Andreyevna Bers, a member of a cultured Moscow family. His wealth and connections enable him to be a great leader and to get people to follow him.

Hadji Murat is also linked with Tolstoy’s own experiences in the military. This “Tartar” plant had three branches. The other, though also soiled with black mud, still stood erect. Hadji Murad looked into his glittering eyes and understanding that this was true, said with some solemnity Except wanting to save his family, he wanted to revenge all the people who died in the war. Your email address will not be published. Once Murat has joined the Russians, who are aware of his position and bargaining ability, they find him the perfect tool for getting to Shamil.

Tolstoy completed two autobiographical novels during his time in the regiment, and the works received instant acclaim.

Now we must send a man with a letter to the Russians. Some ten minutes later he returned with a sinewy, short-legged Chechen, burnt almost black by the sun, wearing a worn and tattered yellow Circassian coat with frayed sleeves, and crumpled black leggings.

At the age of 82, increasingly tormented by the disparity between his teachings, his personal wealth and by endless fights with his wife, Tolstoy walked away from his home late one night. View a FREE sample. Eldar would have liked to go on eating but he followed his leader’s example, and having moved away from the table, handed him the ewer and basin.

Evidently a cartwheel had passed over the plant but it had risen again, and that was why, though erect, it stood twisted to one side, as if a piece of its body had been torn from it, its bowels drawn out, an arm torn off, and one of its eyes plucked out. Vorontsov, fascinated by his thought, gives him a pocket watch and Hadji was especially impressed and happy about his gesture. A necklace of silver coins covered the whole front of her dress, and at the end of the short but thick plait of hard black hair that hung between her thin shoulder-blades a silver ruble was suspended.


While the visitors ate, Sado sat opposite and thanked them several times for their visit. Hadji became aware of his position: Then he leisurely slipped his arms into the sleeves of his crumpled sheepskin, and going to the ladder that leant against the roof he descended backwards, while he dressed and as he climbed down he kept shaking his head on its thin, shrivelled sunburnt neck and mumbling something with his toothless mouth.

Then he took up the metal ewer and moved the basin towards Hadji Murad. As soon as he reached the ground he hospitably seized Hadji Murad’s bridle and right stirrup; but the strong active murid had quickly dismounted and motioning the old man aside, took his place.

When he was fifteen his village was visited by messengers calling everyone to go to war with Russia in order to free themselves and establish a religious state.

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I ascended the dusty path. Meanwhile, Murat’s mother, wife and eldest son Yusuf, whom Shamil hold captive, are moved to a more defensible location. While at Vozdvizhenskaya, Murat befriends Prince Semyon Vorontsov, the Viceroy’s son, his wife Maria and his son, and wins over the good will of the soldiers stationed there.

They find refuge at the house of Sado, a loyal supporter of Murat. And raising himself on his thin legs he began thrusting his feet into the wooden-heeled slippers that stood by the chimney. During the first confrontation Shamil, who was in charge of Muslims in Russian captivity, humiliated Hadji.

After his followers were murdered Hadji ran to the army, shooting his last bullets and seeing his life passing before his eyes. He gives as a detail description of his character and personalities describing him as a lethargic, egoistic and bitter man who despised women, his brother-in-law, and the Russian students.

He described his life and joining the military. East theme found in Russian history and many different stories and novels and which is once again pertinent in light of First and Second Chechen Wars in Chechnya and Russia.

On the run, Murad stops at the home of some friendly Chechens who take him overnight, feed and console him.

Hadji Murat

That force and his timeless and universal art continue to provide inspiration today. Before describing his arrival Tolstoy described a smaller confrontation between the Chechen soldiers that occurred outside the fortress. Gamzat eventually launches an attack on the capital of Khunzakh and kills the pro-Russian khans, taking control of this part of Dagestan. He portrays the negative side of man doubting that there is goodness in any man at all.


Leo Tolstoy was a Russian novelist born in Shamil is a tyrant and a dictator who justifies his means by his causes which are justice, religion and ideology. Tolstoy usually has the protagonists go through a process of “purification”, where they learn something about an ethical ideal. When he picked it he was disappointed by its appearance after being picked. Petrukha’s father regrets this because he was a dutiful worker compared to his complacent brother. As Hadji Murad entered the outer door, a slight, spare, middle-aged woman in a yellow smock, red beshmet, and wide blue trousers came through an inner door carrying cushions.

At the young age of 16, he enrolled in Kazan University but quickly became dissatisfied with his studies and dropped out soon after.

They were astonished by his reputation and a spotless record.

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He wrote to his brother in Victorious, the Russian soldiers fall upon and decapitate him. The local people learn of his presence and chase him out of the village. During this time he also managed his estate and wrote his two most famous novels, War and Peace and Anna Karenina The slaughter of the khans throws Hadji and his brother against Gamzat, and they eventually succeed in tricking and killing him, causing his followers to flee.

Eldar did the same. Another might agree to go and might promise anything, but would do nothing; but I can do it!

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Hadji Murad turned up the sleeves of his beshmet on his white muscular arms, held out his hands under the clear cold water which Sado poured from the ewer, and having wiped sjmmary on a clean unbleached towel, turned to the table.

Retaining only his dagger and pistol, he took off his burka, rifle, and sword as Hadji Murad had done, and hung them up on the same nails as his leader’s weapons. While he is there, picking flowers, he remembers the story of Hadji Murat and introduces us to the first chapter and the plot. He knew that kurad inhabitants of the aoul might at any moment become aware of Hadji Murad’s presence in his kurad and might demand his surrender.

He also abused his brother-in-law, the Prussian emperor and his followers.