Go To Topic Listing Tools. Red Dead Redemption 2. Mr LaGlace used that process to analyze the min and max of the d3d9. I tryed it now with g test 8 and not test 7 If I try the standard settings the game runs slow and the difference between normal GTA SA and now is small. Red is represented by the first value of the float Posted July 25, edited. This is the basic for a short shader. Sign In Sign Up.

Also often used, can only be 1 or 0, true or false. And sure, you can post it, I’d like to see the finished post since I visit gtabbs frequently. Posted July 25, edited. But better let it be like it is. This is the basic for a short shader. Already have an account? But an other question:

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Edited May 23, by WaWa. With this knowledge, next time I’ll take a finished shader, tear it apart and explain what each thing does. Posted July 30, But how do I have to change it? All versions of ENBSeries have some differencies, i suggest to test all versions as for gtasa version only F or G recommendedfor example version for FlatOut and old for Resident Evil 4 may work with SSAO effects on some games that don’t want with other.


Depth of field only available as Resident Evil 4 version and for users who make a donation. I don’t know how that shader work, especialy SSAO shader, realy interesting to learn how create shader! Used for counts, if something does the same thing all over again and again, you can tell the shader “do this X times”. And I’m sorry Boris but I can’t help you to test the pixel shader 1. Also I’m a bad explanator, excuse this, I’m no native english speaker also, I’ll try to make as less mistakes as possible.

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[SA]Basic guide to the ENBSeries shader – Tutorials – GTAForums

And I always wanted to hear your opinion Boris. Posted April 28, I am not good at vertex shader, besides it’s rarely used in this stage of post processing. Pidel In Sign Up. It can manipulate image with some geometry info, rather than treat the image as a flat paint. It’s a raw effect.

This little or big file is really powerful. So we can create a blue tint or a violet tint or whatever! What this above does is creating the new variable, say it is a float and give the value, here 5. I have It now running with the resident evil 4 version and motionblur set to: Structure First of all, there has to be input given. So how can it be that when I turn somting off, my computer has to work harder?


But it’s normal that a version scheduled for a game don’t working properly on another game I will keep v0. What you or we did is a simple exposure control shader. I have a question.

ENB-Series Reality

As against this is really horrible and unplayable it’s very unclear and it hurts the eyes. Posted July 30, edited. I can imagine the difficulty and complexity that this must be Your work is already huge!

Anything after taht will be ignored by the shader. Oh Lil’Q, can you tell me where can I download the 4×4 in the last screen? Yes, this is a mistake xD, fixed now. Why do I lag so much? Register a new account.

A following important thing is the Vertex Shader.

Through so called ” textures “, effect.