While in the house that her grandfather Gus Dur little getting to know the world of politics, of the people who every day back and forth at his grandfather’s house. Solidarity with victims of human rights violations, , as an adviser. He returned to his talent as a writer and columnist. He is with the thinking and the development of social movements successfully reducing the state authoritarianism and successful at the same time empower them with the advent of the power of civil society civil society. The protest has been staged as a herald to a million-strong march planned in Hyde Park in the coming weeks. Suharto, the son of another former Indonesian president, made the comments in testimony at his trial for the murder of a Supreme Court judge. He learned Arabic as a child and have sufficient knowledge to be able to recite the Qur’an aloud.

To add to his knowledge of Gus Dur was sent to attend courses prescribed by the choice of her parents, like private lessons and by the Dutch master Willem Buhl offered classical music interlude barat. Gus Dur learning journey in Egypt is not as smooth and easy as running, because it should be hampered by the administration to the recognition of diplomas and courses that have been learned in Indonesia. Whereas culture is human creativity, so he developed in accordance with the times and tend to always change. Gus Dur was a lot in lessons repeated while studying in Egypt, so he was so reluctant to undertake formal study and often do not go to college. Perhaps that is the basis for a potential future leader. The marriage was held when Gus Dur was in Egypt.

In the international world of thought Gus Dur also received many intellectuals the world. The position is re-affirmed at the 28th conference on pesantren Krapyak Yogyakartaand denwnyar in Cipasung West Java In the course of time, the word “ad-Dhakhil” is not well known, and replaced the name “Wahid”, Abdurrahman Wahid, and then more fondly known as Gus Dur.

Gus Dur’s intellectual development was formed by classical Islamic education and modern western education. Political commentator Wimar Witoelar was President Wahid’s chief presidential spokesman. The Muslim cleric was Indonesia’s first democratically elected president. Gus Dur had completed elementary school in Jakarta. Thought about Indonesia Abdurrahman aspired to be a country that is a democracy that has little influence on the military and no fundamentalism in religion.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Gus Dur was more serious in writing and wrestling with his world, both in the field of culture, politics, and Islamic thought. InGus Dur moved to Ednanyar. Religion rooted in revelation and has its own norms.

His passion led to a deep appreciation in the world of film. Among digolongkannya intellectual character in the Neo-modernist understanding that in many heirs to the teachings of Islam Muhammad Abduh in rationalism ijtihad is contextual.

She proceeds and live like people in general.

MAN denanyar kenangan akhir sekolah

In the end Gus Dur was a kid when it redefined its goals are very simple, a Teacher! He is forgiving, even though the enemy is evil though. His presidency wreaked havoc with attempts to calm the country after the downfall of disgraced President Suharto in He was criticized for his erratic leadership style and was removed from office by the national assembly in amid unproven allegations of corruption and incompetence.

While his time in office was short and tumultuous he is remembered as a key figure in Indonesia’s transition to democracy and in establishing a national identity of tolerance.

This is why Gu Dur in the year was appointed as the chairman of the Indonesian Film Festival jury. Of interest in this pesantren Wahid began to grow, not only in the study of Islamization, but are interested in the study and the mystical Sufi tradition of Islamic culture and traditions.

It first erupted a day after a separate attack on US diplomatic facilities in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya on September Habibie Biography – The third President of th Indonesian Film Festival,as a jury.

Emphasis thought Gilm Dur more hinted at things more substantial, it teaches us to always tolerant, open, and inclusive. In the end, Gus Dur had moved to Jakarta, when his father was appointed as the Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, namely infive years after Indonesia Merdeka.


Hopefully he deeds accepted by Allah SWT. He even equated with the Greek philosopher, Socrates, denqnyar likes denanyzr throw humoristis comments. Thinking, advocacy and Gus Dur struggle throughout his life, shows that it has the properties of a guardian, or debate without having to be forced to be called a guardian.

Abdurrohman Wahid And Soeharto. Di have a pretty tight schedule, ranging from focusing on research on the history of Islam in Indonesia and he was given the easy access mann the implementation stage of the research.

Breadth social Gus Dur and attention will undoubtedly play an important role in the collection of the surname.

British Muslims protest against anti-Islam film

He also built his thinking as a social movement that can intelligently put NU in a strategic position. At first Gus Dur live in the Netherlands and wants into the University of Leiden, but that occurs in several European universities, including Leiden may not receive a graduate of the University of Baghdad.

Wahid Hashimhis parents, a pioneer of the Umayyad dynasty that has brought the triumph of Islam in Spain for centuries. In these two places, the development of science began to rise. Gus Dur’s adolescence was spent largely in Yogyakarta and Tegalrejo. While in the house that her grandfather Gus Dur little getting to know the world of politics, of the people who every day back and forth at his grandfather’s house.

Arguably his mind is able to pass his time, because a lot of people must think out loud what a thought. Wahid mna dialogue and conciliation with ethnic separatists in Aceh and Papua. His name is immortalized as the name of the study group Abdurrahman Wahid Chair of Islamic study.