Banyai, on the right bank of the middle Zambesi long. Caripunas, in the region of the Rio Negro, an affluent of the Amazon ; distinguished from the other tribe of the same name. A subdivision of the Beja. Aienai, a subdivision of the Caddo; als3 loni. Afghans, in the greater part of Afghanistan ; called also Pathans by the Hindus. A town on the Nile between the 4th and the 5th Cataracts. Choligha, in the Mysore hills, sou- thern India.

Boso, in the southeastern part of Bolivia. On the Kunene River lat. Abuchetas, in the Gran Chaco, South America. A term applied origi- nally to the Weskarini, a small Algonquian tribe in Quebec and Ontario. In S Western Aus- tralia. Assaworta, in northern Abyssinia; also Aasaorta.

Achinese, in the northwestern part of Sumatra; called also Atyeli.

II, G7 Beni Kiye. Ag bosom i, on the Slave Coast, West Africa.

IV, OlO inset Angulu. Ananas, a subdivision of the Uaupes.

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II, J6,7 Beni Amer. I, G4, 5 Ajmer-Merwara. A continent in the W hemisphere; 8, sq. They were called ” Flatheads ” or ” Tetes plates” by the early writers, from their habit of compressing the heads of male infants. In the mountainous re- gion of Formosa.


Ill, E4 Aland Islands. On the upper Welle, cen- tral Africa.

In the NW part of Arabia; about lat. Amarizonas, m the Guaviare River and its tributaries, eastern Colom- bia.

Agullotes, in the Gran Chaco, South America. On the Juruha, a tribu- tary of the upper Amazon. Casamarcas, on the head-waters of the Marafion, the upper part of the Amazon.

Eritrean Drama meselet June17, Eritrea Sandiago 6 months ago. I, E3 Asopus River. Amaxosa, on the coast between the Bashee and Keiskamma rivers in tiie eastern part of Cape Colony ; also written Amakhosa, Amakosa, Khosa. Bedouins, in Arabia and northern Af- rici; their real name is Bedawi Bedawiun in the plaral form ; the word means rather ” herdsmen ” than ” wanderers.

A subdivision of the Mittu.

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II, HI 5 Agathigia. II, K7 Andaman Islands. Catauixis, on the Purus and Jurua, tributaries of the Amazon ; also Qiiatausis. On the upper Binue, an affluent of the Niger, Africa.


Burais, on the Amazon, below the mouth of the Madeira. On the Maranon, Peru. An ancient country in NW Asia Fritrean. II, I5 Baranof Island.


Be- tween the Aleutian Islands and Bering Strait. Bukar, a sabdivision of the Land Dyak. Baronga, in alzaa eastern part of Cape Colony. Aramaeans, an ancient tribe who lived in the northeastern part of Palestine. S of the Angara, a tribu- tary of the Yenisei. Atures, an extinct tribe of eastern Colombia.

Buntamurra, in southern Queensland. Augnia Domb, a subdivision of the Domb. In Bechuanaland, South Africa.