Now the question is, what does Mask want Cale and Riven to do, and how does he want it done? Hi, what about War of the spider queen — Resurrection, is Erevis Cale featured there? Sembia series, seeing it as a way to be introduced to a bunch of different authors in the genre. Wish he would keep them coming. I have the single stories that are in this trilogy and had to find the short stories from other sources such as back issued dragon magazine. Kemp has a way of sucking you into Cale’s world. I’m interested to see where the next trilogy goes. The darkness that you bring to Forgotten Realms is a good and fresh change.

But that does not in no way detract from the overall story. While he is a good character himself, something just dragged his scenes down. Cory, You have no idea how glad I am that the books helped you through a dark time. Still I play and read of my love of such. I am new to cale, and wanted to read from the beginning. It just shows up outta nowhere. This latest Forgotten Realms novel, titled Godborn, is due out some time in Refresh and try again.

Drow, Netherese, shape-changing Slaad! An excellent read for any fan of the realms. The ending was excellent as well. I have read many of the Realms novels over the past 25yrs pqul yours hits hard and makes the gritty reality of the book what players should feel playing the game.

Forgotten Realms: Erevis Cale Series

I thought over all it was a good book. Best forgotten realms series i have read and i have read a lot.

This is a great series by that master of the pen, Paul Kemp. Conflict feels real and you are introduced to deities and geography within the Realms, particularly Sembia and Mask and Cyric, in a very interesting way. The abilities he has gained from being a Shade only function in areas of shadow or darkness; they include increased strength, the ability to heal rapidly, shadow walking a form of short distance teleporting from shadow to shadowand a regrown hand with superior strength that is only manifested in darkness.


The characters are wonderful and memorable, the plot is exciting, and it really hits you emotionally. He can also create portals to the Plane of Shadows at his will.

As this was my first time reading about Erevis Cale, I was delighted by the sparse details of his past which made him that much more interesting.

The Erevis Cale Trilogy

The depictions of the different towns and locales was especially good, and Kemp really pulls you into the environment his characters are in. I’ll need to ruminate on part 3 before I type something up. While for the most part, you don’t really need to read the first Cale book, it would serise a lot. Jayson Overocker rated it it was amazing Sseries 12, It was quite a bit darker than most Forgotten Realms books, featuring a group of rogues that end up with divine patrons, and it goes to some pretty interesting places.

It’s true that Kemp’s story would be nonsensical outside of the FR, but it doesn’t read as a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Also with the protagonist’s ability to “teleport” the moving from place to place can get tiresome, as well as while the main plot develops the protagonists just teleport from place to place at will and seem at ease with resting, regrouping and doing side quests.

May 22, Bill Snyder rated it liked it. Dark Sun Dark Sun: As a big Realms fan, I throughly appreciate Paul’s attention to detail in fleshing out areas that scream for the spotlight.

At first you may ask yourself what this story have to do with The Erevis Cale Trilogy and why isn’t one of the main characters the lead in it?

Kemp did a great job of writing this one, of exposing the internal conflict of a man whose morals are seriously challenged by events around him, but it slowed down in places and took the same turns many times throughout. Erevis Cale is a character introduced in the first Sembia book, written by Paul S. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Of course you have the good-hearted killer in Cale and you have the sneer to end all sneers that Riven has, but let’s instead look at the other characters.


With the villains we have the arrogant Vraggen and his blind pursuit to retake the Zhentarim from the followers of Bane and reinstate the control of the Mad God Cyric. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. I felt like no other books or characters could match that standard.

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And the way he’s written is beautiful in what his viewpoints and his goals are, to the point you almost feel sorry for him in the end. Cory, You have no idea how glad I am that the books helped you through a dark time.

If you could pick two words to describe Azriim they would be vain and manipulative. And the audacity of their plans definitely has to be applauded. The first short story really added some background on the characters of Erevis Cale and Drasek Riven, along with tying into the core trilogy seamlessly.

I don’t know what it was but his earlier chapters felt like they went on forever. This latest Forgotten Realms novel, titled Godborn, is due out some time in Forgotten Realm wikis put him squarely in the “neutral” zone.

The second book is a lot better in terms of how it speeds up. The consequence to the world is incidental, despite pages of dire predictions. Also the villains don’t feel very threatening though they do some pretty nasty thingssee criticisms in the end. It’s fast paced, exciting, and filled with the right amount of twists to keep you guessing.

It would be better if he diversified by using synonyms. Not once did I feel a connection between these two and having to be told that Cale loves Tazi just makes it worse.

He normally wears leather armor and wields a longsword.