Lists of American children’s animated television series episodes Duck Dodgers. Dodgers is turned into a cyborg and must stop the Martians from attaining cyborganic technology. Hi, and the Queen of Mars reminisce of whether Dodgers isn’t as dumb as he seems. So will the Oscars still rock you? There are jokes all over, yet the plot and depiction of the GL Corps are wonderfully faithful. However, things become complicated when X-2 arrives in disguise as well, intending to retrieve the device on behalf of Mars, which then forces all three to work together to avoid being caught by Silver. Mark Banker Story by: No one loves Mogo.

Competition is fierce for Dodgers and Star Johnson, who both want to win the Captain of the Year award as well as the heart of a female Lieutenant. Meanwhile, one of the Martian Generals, Z-9, takes the opportunity to plot a military coup on Mars by betraying Queen Tyran’hee and holding her hostage, sending Star Johnson to prison after the latter learns about the plot, and forcing Commander X-2 on the run as a wanted criminal. While on a living planet called Masativo, Dodgers tries to defeat Taz, who has set foot on the planet and is being a terrifying threat to its inhabitants. Though the characters were a bit more cartoony in design than those on Justice League or even Teen Titans , the tone of the show was going to be fun, straight-forward adventure, and we always regretted that the Green Lantern show did not move forward into full production. Spike Brandt , Tony Cervone. Kevin Seccia Story by: You know, I really like to help.

The Green Loontern

Using his natural talent for being a sneaky and sometimes cowardly thorn in the side of anyone he meets, he actually does an impressive job of it all and even goes one-on-one with Sinestro himself. Top Blog at WordPress. Ganthet voice Tara Strong Spike, Tony, and I had already done an animation development on the Green Lantern Corps a few months before, so the models were already done. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts loojtern email.


Duck Dodgers #09 The Green Loontern

A hive-mind alien race known as the Fudd a parody of both The Flood from the Halo series and The Borg of Star Trek transforms nearly every human and Martian on their respective planets–and even space–in a plot to destroy the Sun. X-2 tries to make Duck Dodgers a successful quarterback to prove to Tyr’ahnee that he was right about something.

Season 1 Episode 9. By continuing to elisode this website, you agree to their use. Ch’p voice Dee Dldgers Baker Dodgers steals Tom Jones ‘ voice in order to win a talent show. When Dodgers, Cadet, and X-2 are the only sentient beings left unchanged, they must xuck together to save the solar system from annihilation.

Dodgers accidentally causes an incident during a peace treaty between Earth and Mars and gets Cadet to take the fall.

Duck Dodgers Chapter “The Green Loontern” | Justice League: Revisited

You Knew It Was Coming. Determining doodgers set things right, Dodgers rescues X-2 from Z-9’s forces and breaks Star Johnson and Cadet out of prison to help them rescue the Queen and stop Z-9 in his tracks, despite Cadet’s cold attitude toward Dodgers after what he did to him. Your e-mail address will not be published. Duck Dodgers goes to Hollywood planet so a film about him could be made, but doesn’t realize what’s really going on.

Email required Address never made public. Edit Details Release Date: The Martians hire Hubie and Bert, who trick Dodgers eepisode Cadet into thinking the other is out to kill them.


Dodgers and Cadet have to sneak on a Martian ship to restore power to their own ship, and try to avoid being caught by its occupants. Dodgers is confronted by a large bully named Crusher who challenges him to a surfing contest.

Add the first question. While he may not win he still does enough to help the Corps, save the day, stop the villain — and earn the respect of everyone.

Duck Dodgers #09 The Green Loontern – video dailymotion

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: A woman tries to seduce Dodgers, but he doesn’t want her affection. The Duck Dodgers series was incredibly funny, a mix of absurdity and fpisode humor.

The Martians steal Dodgers’ brain and replace it in order to learn his secrets, but the replacement accidentally makes Dodgers smarter than he used to be. Explore popular and recently added TV series hreen to stream now with Prime Video. Touched, Cadet reconciles with Dodgers, who is later subjected to hours of community service as punishment for his actions.

Edit Did You Know? Hal Jordan voice Dufk O’Hurley This page was last edited on 8 Novemberat The Green Loontern 18 Oct 8. They manage to deliver the shutdown codes away from Z-9 and rescue the Queen during a battle between Z-9’s forces and Earth’s forces.

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