The first two seasons of the series aired on Cartoon Network. Astrid embarks on a mission to Outcast Island, disguised as Heather, to retrieve the lost Book of Dragons and rescue Heather’s parents. Gustav visits the riders on Dragon’s Edge saying he is now ready to be trained, as promised by Hiccup, to be a proper dragon rider. After her repeated failures, Minden loses hope and confidence in herself and quits being a Wingmaiden, but is inspired by Snotlout not to give up. Astrid faces difficulty choosing a betrothal gift for Hiccup when word from Johann comes in that traders are disappearing from the Northern Markets. This, however, turns out to be a trap by Krogan and the Hunters, who capture Windshear and demand the gem on Heather’s belt, a lens for the Dragon Eye, in exchange for her life. Krogan and his Flyers arrive to take and lens and succeed after the Riders choose to instead evacuate the injured Armorwing rather than pursue Krogan. Retrieved October 6,

Cartoon Network via Business Wire. After making a plan, they release the captive Singetails only to find the dragons turning on them and forcing the riders to fall back in a cave with no escape. They agree that all the group are equal owners to the island and they in turn agree to help. After her repeated failures, Minden loses hope and confidence in herself and quits being a Wingmaiden, but is inspired by Snotlout not to give up. But unbeknownst to Berk, Torch’s much bigger and angrier mother is looking for him, and is headed their way…. Sudden lightning storms are endangering the residents of Berk and it is believed that Thor is angry at the island.

But when Snotlout “miraculously” recovers the five signs he saw were really pranks played by Ruffnut and Tuffnuthe takes his dragon back, and Gustav decides to get a dragon of his own named Fanghook and join the academy… whether they want him to or not, especially as the Risers Riders plan to stop Dagur the Deranged’s new plan. The dragons bond and fly away, allowing the riders to return home.

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The riders take it back and nurse its leg to health when Fishlegs discovers the Stinger has gained webbed feet as a result of evolution. When Alvin the Treacherous captures the Skrill, Hiccup, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut go undercover to discover that a truce is in the process of being formed between the Outcasts and the Berserkers to invade Berk with the Skrill as their weapon.

Now too aged to fulfilled its duties, the Defenders’ Eruptodon passes its mantle of Great Protector to its child and leaves for Vanaheim, the final resting place of dragons that no human has ever seen. When Hiccup discovers an injured baby dragon who he names TorchToothless takes a fierce dislike to the energetic and mischievous beast. When he returns to say goodbye, however, he discovers that in reality, Hookfang has been helping the female protect her eggs from changewiny Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare.


The riders fear how many other slave dragons the hunters have while Viggo assures the riders will pay. Retrieved March 28, Meanwhile, Stoick and Gobber, left in charge while the riders are away, lose Tuffnut’s pet chicken and each try to replace it with epieode new one.

Between this and Hiccup’s disappointment, a despondent Fishlegs leaves and discovers a cavern filled with an abandoned colony of albino Night Terrors. Hiccup and Fishlegs face continuous difficulties working together to deliver the egg, and things are made worse when a eisode of wild Fire Terrors inhabiting the cave kidnap the egg.

Though they receive reprimand, Astrid promotes them to full Riders with Gustav as the leader and remains on Dragon’s Edge. After Hiccup and Toothless escape, Mildew betrays the Dragon Riders, revealing that Mildew’s imprisonment has also been a trick, allowing Alvin to train a Whispering Death. Hiccup plans to use the Flightmare’s mist to paralyze the hunters, but Viggo’s advanced tactics allow him to escape with the Flightmare, Heather and Windshear as captives, leaving Hiccup to wonder about their dangerous new opponent.

Retrieve the device he found from Dagur, or changgewing his friends from certain death. Even with the Eye returned, Hiccup and the others still refuse to trust Viggo and imprison him just as Ryker arrives with the Hunters’ fleet.

In the end, the twins, who have been pranking everyone without end, receive retribution by the rest of the riders. They realize that they are being sent on a wild goose chase and their absence leaves Berk vulnerable to an attack by Krogan, who proceeds to take over Berk with his Flyers.

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Hiccup and the dragon riders, thanks to Johann, drqgons back together and track him down to a fog bank beyond their borders and discover a huge graveyard of ships filled with treasures that Dagur would use to build a new armada.

Using their ‘twintuition,’ the twins follow the repaired and stolen Macey to find a hidden hunter operation called ‘Project Shellfire.

The Scauldron rebuffs their attempts for help, so riderrs one but Ruffnut seems to calm it down. Using a supply of bolas from the ship, they changgewing the Flyers into a storm, causing the Flyers to be struck by lightning. I never expected to like the twins at all, but the last few episodes have proved me wrong, with one focusing on Tuffnut going undercover and this one focusing on Ruffnut getting a connection with chanegwing Scauldron dragon.

It’s dangerous beri forces the other Gronckles to leave and seek refuge on Dragons’ Edge, much to everyone’s dismay. However after he and Hookfang are ambushed by the Screaming Death on Snotlout’s secret island, “Snotland”‘, he is rescued by Alvin the Treacherous, who has returned to Berk, claiming he is there to make amends with the Vikings.


To deal with the riders’ growing resistance, Viggo captures the Submaripper, an extremely powerful and territorial Tidal-class Dragon, to create man-eating whirlpools to block all trade routes and leave Berk to wither away in starvation.

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Meanwhile, Snotlout, as a result of his saving Mala’s life from the Hunters, undergoes The Trials, a series of tests to prove himself as King of the Defenders of the Wing. Heather, Fishlegs, and Dagur face difficulty saving them due to Viggo’s dragon-proof ships until Heather and Dagur work together to take down the fleet.

Hiccup, Toothless and the rest of the dragon academy face off episose Alvin, the Outcasts and the wild dragons of Outcast Island. With the Flightmare’s mist, the Eye is reactivated, giving Viggo full access to its powers. After much delaying and ‘keeping Gustav busy’ by the riders, Gustav takes the Dragon Eye to go on a treasure hunt.

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Art Brown and Douglas Sloan. The Riders are invited to Berserker Island where, to their shock and Snotlout’s indignance, Dagur has made Gustav a Berserker apprentice. They identify the rider’s dragon with the Dragon Eye as a Razorwhip and pursue it to a remote island.

After arriving, he immediately finds one and tries to train but discovers it is very aggressive and has the unusual ability to mimic the fire blasts of other dragons, such as a Gronkle’s lava blast and Nadder’s magnesium fire breath.

Fishlegs allows Snotlout to hypnotize him into Thor once more, but their precaution of making Thor more “anti-heroic” backfires when Thor ends up taking charge of the bandits, making them much more formidable.

The group mostly welcomes her back with open arms, but Hiccup is suspicious of her new, more aggressive behavior. Edit Storyline Hiccup and co. They deliver the axe late only to discover a fight broke out and the wedding was cancelled.

Hiccup uses his flight suit to win the trust of the wild dragons and leads them in a counterattack that fends off Ryker and his group.

Just as they are about to imprison the Skrill again, Hiccup decides against it, and the Skrill is set free. In the cave, Hiccups finds Garff while Fishlegs brings the Cavern Crasher to help dig dpisode new exit and move the Singetail eggs to safety.