When Dana said she hadn’t, the director explained that her near-namesake had been directly responsible for saving thousands of children from concentration camps run by the Independent State of Croatia’s fascist Ustase regime after the Nazi puppet state was established in Interviews Monday, August 28, When it comes to the crimes, the invaders were accused of them, along with their local followers. So I had to reconstruct a lot of details and even major events out of other sources. An increasing number of refugees and migrants now in Serbia are trying to return to Greece, Info Park reports. Semsudin Kucevic, the head of the municipality of Tutin, in southwestern Serbia, has succumbed to the injuries he received in a traffic accident.

The action of rescuing Serbian children from Ustasha camps in its full scope started after the operation of German forces and forces of the Independent State of Croatia in Bosnian Krajina and on Kozara, in June and July A documentary film is on the way now. Despite the care, many children, especially the youngest, died of sickness and exhaustion. Although it was relatively extensively written about this rescue action, it was presented to the public in a specific way. By using literary methods, primarily dynamic reporting and dialogues, Kuehs had managed to faithfully evoke what seems to be most significant: The Action took care of mostly Serbian children but also women held in various concentration camps including the Jasenovac death camps. Our audience is familiar, though not to the extent it should be, with one of the largest humanitarian campaign during the Second World War, not only on the territory of divided and occupied Yugoslavia, but also in occupied Europe or under dominance of Nazi Germany. After obtaining permission in August to move the children from the institutions in Zagreb into the care of families, she worked together with the Zagreb Archdiocese branch of the Caritas and in that way made it possible for several thousands of children to be placed with families in Zagreb and rural communities.

This partly reflected historical circumstances that only in the seventies started opening new themes and introducing methodological innovation in studying the period of the Second Budidavljevic War. Slobodna Dalmacija in Croatian. But Diana Budisavljevic, who had risked her life and those of her family members up to that point, was erased from the narrative, as were the names of most of her associates and helpers.

The shooting of the live-action documentary film Action D. Wilhelm Kuehs was born budksavljevic in Wolfsberg Austria. Society Friday, October 20, But for EU members to view Albania from that perspective is to miss a critical difference. A buudisavljevic years ago, Croatian film producer Dana Budisavljevic was visiting the former concentration camp at Jasenovac when her last name caught the attention of the memorial center’s director.


After the war Siana and her family did not acclaim the new regime. Society Tuesday, October 24, Measles epidemic in Kosovo; new case in central Serbia A patient from Kosovska Mitrovica in northern Kosovo, who was visiting Kragujevac, central Serbia, has developed the symptoms of measles, it has been confirmed.

With the help of Dr. However, she was very much hurt with the way in which new government had taken away those files from her, with the signs that she was only capable of decoding, excluding her completely from the work of offering assistance to divided families.

Interviews Friday, August 11, During the Second World War, Budislavljevic conducted one of the largest humanitarian actions not only in the divided and fil Yugoslavia, but also in Europe, occupied or dominated at the time by Nazi Germany. Therefore, it is not strange that dians are some assessments and depictions of certain evens that are not in accordance with historically determined facts or are only partly in accordance with it.

It proved again that literary means and its methods are close to historiography, and their symbiosis can give good results.

Winemaking in Novi Vinodolski. The book “Diana’s List”a biographical novel of Diana Budisavljevic is one of the most significant books published by Samizdat B SHe did not get any recognition for her work. For me as a writer and a human being the process of research and writing about Diana led to a lifetime decision.

There were certain symmetry of crime and criminals, often expressed with the Ustasha-Chetnic match. The blog reflects on budisavljdvic myriad ways in which the absurdities of Balkan politics and the ongoing historical shifts and realignments affect the lives of people in the region. Are you blind not to see what the topic of this article is? When she received confirmation of the camp’s existence and its mainly Serbian and Jewish female inmates, Diana set to work.

Forgotten by Jugoslavia, by Croatia, by Serbia, Austria There was around people helping her to save those children of all nationalities, Germans, Austrians, Croats, Serbs A patient from Kosovska Mitrovica in northern Kosovo, who was visiting Kragujevac, central Serbia, has developed the symptoms of measles, it has been confirmed.

A former officer of the Wehrmacht who knew everything about the genocide on the Serbs in Croatia and the genocide of the Jews in Greece, and did nothing about it.

Diana Budisavljević

Thus, she never even met the children she had rescued, and, obviously, the children knew nothing about their savior.

Drama and tragedy of the related events were gracious topics to cover.

Only cooperation and love can save us. Thanks to the film on rescuing endeavors of the large group of Polish Jews organized by Oscar Schindler, in accordance with which Steven Spielberg directed a movie inthis campaign became famous to the widest circle of audience. She wasn’t working alone.


He explained his method in the following way: Impunity and journalist safety are priority – OSCE media rep The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media plays a vital role that is valued by journalists and media freedom groups for its ability to speak out in defense of press freedom in participating states of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Wilhelm Kuehs’ book “Diana’s List” tells the true story of an exceptional woman – Diana Budisavljevic.

Voluminous list of sources, along with epilogue, points to this. Latest Posts Balkans Without Borders: They took the family car, as well as files with photos and information on thousands of children who had been saved. Regardless whether they were fascist or communist, from the Red Cross, from Diqna or from the Ustasha government, as long as they helped Diana to save children, they were welcome.

Diana Budisavljevic, the forgotten saint of WWII

A choice was made. Although starting from Octobershe initiated and organized the rescue campaign of the Serbian children from the concentration camps, which involved dozens of people later on, Diana Budisavljevic did not fit into the official historiographical narrative on the Second World War in Yugoslavia.

Semsudin Kucevic, the head of the municipality of Tutin, in southwestern Serbia, has succumbed to the injuries he received in a traffic accident. A documentary film is on the way now. In wartime she worked with everybody.

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She died in the late s, and few at the time or since knew that during World War II, she managed to rescue thousands of mainly ethnic Serb children from the concentration camps in the pro-Axis Independent State of Croatia and place them in foster homes with mainly Croatian families. In any Balkan country the names of war criminals are well-known. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Croatian people, most of them Catholics, rescued Serbian children.

Something that was not connected with the struggle, armed conflict, big battles and victories, was hard to incorporate into such narrative.

But the transport leader said we should take every child who could be moved somehow.