In lots of fantasy, and in series in particular, I get frustrated with authors continually repeating their explanations and descriptions of certain things. Every character is bound by motivation. Cancel reply Or login to FanLit with: Erikson has an engaging writing style which is also a plus. All that we are has lead us to where we are, but tells us little of where we’re going. Especially the ones most eager to meddle in mortal affairs.

The events at the end of Gardens of the Moon saw the Bridgeburners splitting up, with the bulk of squad remaining on Genabackis with Dujek Onearm and Whiskeyjack to face the threat of the Pannion Domin. Perhaps tomorrow I will remember more He writes his characters extremely well. At this point, I feel it is unlikely that I will continue with the series. The quarrel sped for the beast’s open mouth. The story of the book revolves around the rebellion in the Seven Cities, the first book storyline was in Genabackis.

We are reduced, yet defiant. Still her Journey back towards her home in search of her father was one of my favorites in this book. A lot more things happen in this novel than just one man’s or many men’s reversal sbe it choice and with so-called reason or utter desolation filled with a demon’s pity.

View all 42 comments. Baudin and Heboric arrange, with Duiker’s help, to escape from the mines during a slave mutiny and give Felisin the chance to go with them, and she agrees. Retrieved from ” https: It pays to know humility, lest the delusion of control, of mastery, overwhelms. I really can’t wait summay get to the next book!

Deadhouse Gates: What the heck is going on?

Assassins are supposed to be efficient and efficiency is by itself brutal. How can you fall in love with a character who only spoke a handful of times throughout the whole book. Keep in mind that this is a gatees, so often something will be brought up early in the series, but you only understand it many books later.

Firstly, it was ridiculously violent. This read filled in a lot of the missing bits. You dream that with memories will come knowledge, and from knowledge, deadhojse.


There are so many forces at play in this world and that makes Malazan book of fallen very ceadhouse series but twists and turns always felt natural and not added there for shock value and so author can say “I got you didn’t I? View all 59 comments. If you like Deadhouse at all it really is worth it and gets even better in subsequent read throughs. Kalam and company exit the warren in Aren to learn that Salk Elan, who claims to be Suummary friend, is waiting for him with a ship, and though Kalam’s suspicious he has little choice but to investigate.

Maybe this is my laziness, and maybe not. At other points the Whirlwind goddess seems to be responsible, since the rebels are, after all, religious fanatics.

The world’s harbingers of death are many and varied. Bult pushed past Lull and stood face to face with the corporal, their noses almost touching. I must confess, it was difficult sometimes to sort everything out as a lot of stuff was happening at the same time. We see an undead dragon, a ship manned by headless Tiste Andii, Blood Flies that will lay their eggs in every available bodily orifice to hatch within minutes with flesh eating larvae.

Duiker is a former soldier turned historian, he goes to battle with soldiers and later document it. It also produced some of the most moving and memorable scenes I can remember.

This was a brutal, poignant and unforgettable story. To the art director, fuck you too. The knowledge of the brutal trials she had undergone combined with her often unpleasant actions made her an extremely complex and challenging character. Erikson knows how to up the tension and the action in the final stages of his books and as a result the final third of the book did match the quality of Gardens of the Moon.

That helped the characters and the story line.

Hardcoverpages. Deadhouse Gates begins a few months after the conclusion of Gardens of the Moonthough few characters and almost no settings bridge the two novels. The intent is not much describing the rebellion as illegitimate, but actually describe as, no matter how noble the principle, people are caught in and will die unjustly. deahouse


And not necessarily a person. Instead each individual arc had an interesting and separate conclusion. Mostly dead will suffice.

Because in him thrives hope that with gained memories there will come knowledge. We use this income to keep the site running.

Deadhouse Gates

What’s their Baudin and Heboric excuse for acting like they desdhouse And last, but certainly not least, here is Coltaine, the Wickan general who leads the Seventh army in a running battle across a continent. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I really enjoyed Zinn’s book, and I like a lot of the authors featured in this anthology, so you know what that means — someone’s making a purchase ASAP!

Once again Erikson pulls the threads of the various storylines together in a stunning conclusion. But in this series it is so dense that I read all the words and feel like I’m maybe only picking up a third of what I should be.

Deadhouse Gates – Wikipedia

When the Chain reaches the river Vathar, the Silanda is there, and Stormy, Gesler, and Truth take the most seriously wounded on board. The treasurer turns daedhouse to be in league with pursuing “pirates”, and Elan and Kalam work with sumary Marines on board to foil his plan.

For vast stretches of the summaryy, characters are stuck traveling from point A to point B, thinking back to what happened at A and planning what they should do at B. You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions Icarium tells Mappo to let the house have him if it takes him, even though it would mean eternal imprisonment. Mappo has a companion named Icarium, who is a Jhag.

Jul 20, Conor rated it really liked it Shelves: What is the spirit of the land?