They were instructed to shoot at any middle order or senior level leaders if and when suspected that these leaders were trying to betray him by crossing into government controlled area. I was later told that those who were severely injured and in critical conditions were air-dashed to Trincomalee, Anuradapura and other hospitals in the South for treatment. Those days I was powerless and could not be of any service to my people, but was present at the place where someone died or injured to console the family members and to participate in their funeral. We wish to reiterate that there are serious and grave allegations that Sri Lanka Army shot and killed innocent civilians? Yes, I deny such frivolous allegations. Learn how your comment data is processed. I also often visited the Puthumaththalan hospital and most of those civilians who were killed by the Tigers were brought to this hospital. Once I arrived back in Mullivaikkal, I found that the people have lost confidence, and they were not ready to stay any more.

That was fenced by barbed wire. Subscribed to your list Unsubscribed for your list You can subscribe up to titles for Webtoon. Those are the people who were picked by the Army and transported to the Army controlled areas and treated. I was released on the night of 13 January The Army was behind us. Ghost Slappers Mad Sparrow.

Yes … yes, by then the army has managed to enter the LTTE controlled area by the beach front. Not a single, who could in fact reveal the truth. Yes, it can be little more. Civilians were shot and killed by the LTTE, while they were trying to flee into the government controlled area. As the war raged, people by small groups started joining and thus they were herded.

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That means you made a statement, unfortunately the police intelligent officers who questioned you and recorded your statement have failed to comprehend the importance of your statement? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Yes, I saw them being brought and treated.


We wish to reiterate that there are serious and grave allegations that Sri Lanka Army shot and killed innocent civilians?

When we were there only, my wife was injured due to a shell chel,akili. Is it possible for you to give some detail as to how more than three hundred thousand civilians were herded as human shield by the LTTE?


There was lot of middle level leaders who were trying to convince the disheartened and disillusioned civilians that they would overcome the Army and win cheplakili war. Days of Hana Seokwoo. I managed to move around in a bicycle and travel in pillion with the help of some youngsters who were incidentally happened to be in that area.

According to the information, those boys who were providing security to Prabhakaran and his family members have also deserted him and there was no way to ascertain as to what has happened to him and his family. He also succumbed to injuries.

They told that they were with him during the last days of the battle. When the Sri Lankan Army was accepting the cellakili persons arriving into their controlled areas, LTTE was shooting at the fleeing civilians to prevent them from leaving.

I am not in a position to say who was actually responsible for those killings.

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Final days in Vanni: They have come to Mullivaikkal area, to the temple area which was the last temple on the eastern side of Mullivaikkal. I saw dozens and dozens of injured persons being brought from the LTTE controlled area and treated, and those found critical were rushed to Vavuniya in Army vehicles and persons in critical conditions were taken by helicopters to hospitals all over the country. More than innocent Tamil civilians were shot and killed like stray dogs from 1 October to 18 May in the Vanni region, but not a single innocent civilian was killed by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in the hostility campaign against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.


Army was able to identify them as they were from the armed group of the LTTE.

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My driver named Prabhakaran also died. It was very difficult to predict. This was done on the orders of the LTTE leader to prevent civilians from leaving to the government controlled areas. Sri Lanka Wedding Photographer. The One-Eyed Cat rpisode. Majority of them were known to me and almost many of them were LTTE armed cadres.

I saw those injured persons were brought in tractors and other vehicles. There were LTTE sentries around civilian residential places.

This move by the Army was a good one which paved the way for the civilians to move into the government controlled area. Nadesan, the political czar of the LTTE.

Anyone at any circumstances was unable to overpower and overcome the enemies, and then they were supposed to bite the cyanide phial and commit suicide. They should have known that I was the elected Member of Parliament who was with my people till end of the bloody conflict. Government only allocated some areas as no fly zone, but those areas were under the control of the LTTE.