Family announced that the series is not planned for a fourth season. Wingin’ It premiered in , when it was broadcast on the Family Channel in Canada. He turns Denise into Denny to give her a taste of her own medicine, but the only way to reverse the magic is for Carlie and Denny to learn what it is like to be one another. The series was produced by Temple Street Productions in association with Family. But even that is greeted with a standing ovation. The tribunal rules that Porter be expelled from the AIT programme and tries to expel him to oblivion, but Carl and Denise arrive in time. This episode also features Jane’s search for the missing chapter of her favourite book, Cosmonaut Claire, which is later relevant in the season 2 episode Reel Trouble. Jane surprisingly names Carl as her running mate for the school election, but many of their policies and ideas are challenged by Brittany and Serge, particularly the plan to abolish ski club.

Retrieved from ” https: By the fourth attempt Carl is answering questions before they’ve even been asked, but by the seventh he’s gone insane and is rude to everyone, only to discover that Porter has fixed the time lock, and Carl is forced to apologize to everyone. One half of the friendship is Porter Jackson a centuries-old angel-in-training AIT who has been sent to Earth to get his angel wings posing as a carefree sixteen-year-old student. Episode with body swap: Denise eventually gets Brittany and Serge to relate to Oliver Twist by making them imagine what would happen if their phone or reputation was taken away from them. After the success of his date with Jane, Carl’s heart is not really in his date with Sarah, though she enjoys it. Carl enjoys the attention at first but eventually becomes too popular with everyone, including Principal Malone, who invents a Carl theme song. A member of the Terrendale team kisses Carl to create conflict between him and Jane, and they subsequently fail at debating.

When Alex breaks his arm and cannot take part in the duel, Carl reluctantly steps in, but first he has to go through a bizarre initiation that includes riding on Grand-ma-ma Rodriguez’s back through a field of eggs. When a member of the Bennett High cheerleading team sprains her ankle, and opening appears on the squad. Carl is further riled when Porter signs him up for a basketball shootout against sport supremo Serge.

This episode also features Jane’s search for the missing chapter of her favourite book, Cosmonaut Claire, which is later relevant in the season 2 episode Reel Trouble. Carl is wary when Denise’s ex-boyfriend Lex shows up, claiming to be there for an innocent visit. Carl eventually takes a stand against the bully by challenging him to a game of badminton, which he wins with Porter’s ‘assistance’.


Becky mocks Carl’s milk moustache at breakfast one morning, but Carl is not perturbed and believes that a moustache would suit him. Sebastian Hearn as Serge Delvecchio to?

Meanwhile, Jane gets a part time job at Mama B’s pizza and develops a crush on a cute boy, which jeopardizes her new job. However, Carl’s mom overhears the conversation and thinks that Porter’s dad is downstairs. When Ms Stern is brought in from Heaven, Carl and Denise enlist Porter’s help to get them out of trouble while exposing Lex’s dastardly plan. For Porter to get his angel wings, he’s been given the assignment of making Carl the most popular kid at Bennett High.

Once outside the movie, Jane doesn’t remember a thing that happened. Everyone is looking forward to it, except Carl, who is stuck with the dreaded ping pong challenge against a brilliant competitor.

But even that is greeted with a standing ovation. In a post-credits scene, Denise is given her assignment which, to her episodr, is Brittany.

Carl enjoys the attention at first but eventually becomes too popular with everyone, including Principal Malone, who invents a Carl theme song.

Dr Cassabi arrives in time to lift the enchantment, but Carl sinks the final shot anyway.

They bring with them several AITs from around the World, who have been inspired by Porter to use regeneration magic. However, when an old woman asks him to try on a dress, he feels out of his depth, particularly when asked to twirl in the shop. The pair must navigate a kung fu dimension, a pirate planet and a film-noir world in their quest to make it home. Serge asks Melissa to go with him. To add to his look of maturity Porter dresses him up in a suit, but he is mistaken by Principal Malone to be Mr Becker, a maths supply teacher.

Kendra Timmins joins the cast as Denise Simmons at the end of this episode.

Wingin It S2Ep20 — I Carlie

The Prom approaches, and Carl and Jane both ask each other to go. As Carl puts it, she is the ‘female Serge’, and sure enough Serge soon falls for her. Meanwhile, epislde Serge and Alex discover a treasure trove of lost objects on the school’s roof, they open a shop to sell the items, but will they work as business partners?


Porter’s magic gives him a do over, but despite nailing it time continues to repeat itself. Wingin’ It on Family Channel — season premiere”. In a bet with the principal from Terrendale High, Principal Malone volunteers Cvbc and friends to compete in the upcoming Physics Games.

When a mischievous young Angel, Lucy, discovers Carl is a human, she accompanies him down to Earth. All the while, Jane goes to a slumber party at Brittany’s house, only to find that the only reason she was invited was to help Brittany with her homework.

Wingin It S3Ep10 — Live And Let Fly

Due to originally being in season 1 Dennis would have been in this episode; however neither Dennis nor Denise appear in the episode — presumably to prevent confusion or continuity errors. Carl, Porter and Serge aren’t enjoying it when Principal Malone assigns them to perform as the school’s ‘enviro-friendly mascots’. After Carl asks a girl out at school, he wants to make sure that the date is perfect, so he practises with Jane on the basis that they do not have feelings for each other and will therefore be objective.

Wayne Thomas Yorke as Dr. Jane is devastated and asks if they can get a second chance. Things seem to be going well but when the star act pulls out, it seems that there will be no headline act.

But when the paddle breaks, and Carl gets stuck in slowed-time-world, he has to figure out how to get in touch with Porter and Denise before he disappears forever. Porter gives him the option of realities, but Carl chooses to lose, but keep his friends.

Wingin It S1Ep1 — Basket Case – video dailymotion

But when he dodges his first kiss and even starts dodging Porter’s spells, Dr Cassabi has to rope in a team of experts to undo the enchantment. Porter gives up on the cryptic trail and tells Jane flat out that Carl likes her, but she sees Brittany and Carl kissing. Now it’s up to Carl and Porter to keep Jane from exposing Porter’s secret.