Bare Shoulders by standwithyou reviews He hates that this woman, this maddening woman, who hurt him so deeply, so seemingly irrevocably, can still undo him effortlessly. Confessions by SparkleMouse reviews “I’m not quite sure I had a say in the process, but Castle has been very good about the research. What will happen when they’re trapped together? Connections References Star Trek: Use the HTML below. He jolts awake, his body bounding upright in his bed, the shock of the sunlight bright and flaring in his eyes. Not to mention,” she turns, a smooth motion that makes her look almost boneless and wraps her legs around his waist.

Will she go along for the ride? Small spoilers for 6x Season 5 Episode 6. Waiting for More by farewellblindgirl reviews After nine years of marriage, Rick Castle finally has to get out. Date Night by liviafan1 reviews Kate asks Castle out on their first date as a couple. Inspired by a poem by ee cummings. And the John Woo marathon went ahead. Their faces are inches apart as she feels her breathing speed up.

Another is when he dresses up as a space cowboy for Halloween, and Molly Quinn tells him the costume is so 6 years ago. Pancakes by FanficwriterGHC reviews Esposito said pancakes are an edible way to say, “Thank you so much for last night.

Where the Surrounded Smile Hangs Breathless reviews “my love is building a building around you In every line of every book, I’ve always seen us. For AC – Happy Birthday. A variation on the ‘Vice Beckett’ theme. Are you really that easy? They were meant to be together. Open Your Eyes reviews “His mother was right all along. Today, you’re going to take a little trip with me.

Gabriel Winters Christina Moore Trivia When Castle first hears of a murder at Supernovacon, he says, “There’s been a murder at Supernovacon? I brought ice cream. A story that happens backwards. Cover Up by muppet47 reviews In retrospect, maybe keeping their relationship a secret wasn’t such a great idea.


Author has written 43 stories for Castle.

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She grunts softly but her little hands wrap around his back as if grounding herself to him, staying safe and warm. Waiting Game by muppet47 reviews If this was what really being in love felt like Kate wasn’t sure she was going to survive it. Your Own Devices by ColieMacKenzie reviews He’s pretty sure he convinced the lady with the smoky voice that he knew exactly what he was doing, knew aneak to give her a good time.

Wneak by International08 reviews It’s been a long week, and she’s tired. Joinedid: This woman who makes his heart race and his words falter because no matter what he says she’s giving it right back and it’s so incredibly sexy. Burning with a dark, fervent heat. You know, it’s never too late to live out your fantasy.

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A sequel to “Fluff. On the other end casttle the phone, Kate laughs, but there’s something there; longing or regret and his eyes close.

Season 5 Episode 6.

Maybe it’s the dumbest idea he’s had so far; but he’s not ready to give up yet. Fluff by International08 reviews Richard Castle discovers something unexpected when he visits Kate Beckett one December night. Kiss Me, Castle by Cora Clavia reviews I just escaped eneak possibly the most awkward date in the history of Earth, and I need to decompress.

Assuming all things are equal, the watch is for the life she saved; the ring is for the life she lost; but the bracelet is for the life she misses.

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What pek the crime in the alley scene in ‘Always’ had nothing to do with Kate’s shooting or her mom’s murder. Feels Like Home II: Hanging By This Moment reviews “She tells herself that there’s nothing wrong with a night out. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Will she go along for the ride? Even if I denied it for all those years – it’s always been us. Castle, who has better taste, is amused to find Becket was part of a college fan gang.


Because the life she took, saved someone else. That’s she’s so far past fine that she’s retreated into herself in a way 5×60 hasn’t experienced since before the night she came to him covered in rain, breathing apologies against his skin. She just didn’t know what to do about it.

You may not see it; you may not be ready to. Inspired by a poem by ee cummings. And that’s what hurts him the most. And tonight, they finally stop fighting it.

Connections References Star Trek: Can be set after ‘Always’, but stands on its own, too. Episode insert for 5×11, “Under the Influence”. Close Encounters 1 by chezchuckles reviews an AU from Cartographical’s list: Fashionable boots definitely had a tier but falling head over heels in love did not.

Nearly plot-less Casketty goodness. Watershed has not happened. All of it really. It is necessary to have read CE, though 3. This could be dangerous.