And yet, not in the opening credits. Archived from the original on Anyway, the show premiered on Thursday to surprisingly fantastic ratings. They split up, Boys vs. They pick up Shae and head to Shain’s, for a “West Virginia Waterslide” party, followed by an evening of lighting things on fire and gunplay. Which is probably fairly accurate.

He’s comin’ for you, ladies! I know this is an entertainment read: Then the next shot, the girl was hanging on for dear life on an actual tailgate…. LaQuisha is standing on her porch and notices the girls packing up and gives them a farewell flip-off as they drive away. Retrieved August 6, Nothing on Buckwild really makes any sense.

Buckwild recap: Lingerie Dinner

Joe Manchin’s angry letter”. His friends give the tire a push and we watch as Shain bounces all over the place before eventually coming to a stop…on his head.

So the activity for the week was decided: After her time was completed, she was placed back in jail. Shae broke up with her boyfriend and hooked up with Joey. Meanwhile, Joey seemed to grow a goatee between commercial breaks, and then lose it, and then grow it back. After obtaining a search warrant, officers moved in on buckwid property.

Buckwild recap: Lingerie Dinner |

Come to think of it, I feel exactly like Shain, who is wearing sunglasses because he is episoded hung-over beyond belief. We love him — and, of course, Shae won’t be there, since Jesse J has something “special” planned for the night. This, of course, gives Salwa the opportunity to get topless, and she does so with reckless abandon for those keeping score at home: She’s hired a bodypainter! Retrieved February 19, The Salt Lake Tribune. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The boys rigged up a fake bull in order to practice for the big bull day.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was announced on April 9,that MTV had chosen to cancel the series. Archived from the original on April 10, I know this is an entertainment read: Midway through the episode, Shae got a tattoo on her inner lip. Retrieved August 6, Seriously girls, Ivory soap. Also, nobody seems to particularly care if they hook up with anybody, or fight people, or get kicked out of their house and become functionally homeless.

We learn that Cara has been given VIP passes to a “Hyperglow” party at Karma not that one and she wants the whole gang to go with her Epusodes the only bath Shain has gotten since he was in grade school.

The action then picks up in Morgantown, where Cara and crew are getting ready for the big night — and, surprise! The boys arrive with a flatbed truck and rceap, both hoping that by them helping Cara will eventually boink them.

A group of childhood friends run rampant in rural West Virginia. We’re shocked, bucjwild the record. Everyone gets painted up and heads to Karma, but not before someone shouts “Cab’s are here,” the night’s second reference to “Jersey Shore.

Retrieved November 29, The kids start piling in, each with a gift for the hostesses. Home Article Buckwild recap: Are You the One?

Of course, she denies his advances — she’s a classy ladyafter all — then tells Anna and Co. In all, the three were arrested and arraigned on felony charges guckwild possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. On November 19,Amin plead guilty to possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver. Each week, MTV will feed us another ridiculous episode of this crap, in hopes that some of the faithful Jersey Shore viewers will hang on and tune in. Back at Cara’s, Episoves attempts to call some gal he met at the rscap she doesn’t remember himPatrick is now trying to hit on Katie who makes her weekly appearance on the bckwild and Ashley solemnly eats a cheeseburger no one loves her.


Shain passes out and Joey messes with him. Then the next shot, the girl was hanging on for dear life on an actual tailgate…. Yes, it was a return to normalcy this week, though mixed in with all the death-defying stunts, creative uses of beer cozies and deep-fried Mountain Mysticisms of Shain, there was one interesting development: They split up, Boys vs.

Hey, everyone loves a trainwreck, right?

Amin, Shawn Booker and Jason Jones, the owner of the home, were discovered by police hiding in a shed outside. The series is described as having a ” Jackass -like element,” including depictions of “activities like mud racing, squirrel hunting bbuckwild rope swinging”.

Twenty dollars was offered to whoever could stay on the longest. He lasted a few seconds. The editing of this show is all over the place. MTV has no comment on the situation. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Retrieved April 2, They pick up Shae and head to Shain’s, for a “West Virginia Waterslide” party, followed by an evening of lighting things on fire and gunplay. Retrieved January 5, It was the best Tuesday ever.

Heavy Young Heathens [1].