Jun 2, 3. Close Menu Forums Recent Posts. She got on my fucking nerves, don’t know how he put up with it. Just let Jeanine speak for Jeanine; if a white, or any other person thinks that blacks are a one dimensional monolith instead of getting to know that person on a personal level, thats on them to be ignorant. An email has been sent with instructions for resetting your password. Watch her scream and shout about If you could change one thing about Jeanine, what would it be? CryZilla Helena clashes with the crew.

If she had it her way, everybody would love her I see he didn’t listen. I’ve never seen this show.. WEtv subscribers can also watch full episodes on our mobile app, available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. Christine Season 9, Episode 16 Web Exclusives. NaughtyZilla Crystal confronts groom over his ex and threatens not to show up to the wedding. Sellout negro will push her white boy to a murder-suicide which is typical of ‘them’!!

But as many viewers know, last season featured a couple who stood out from the rest—Jeanine and Thomas.

Take Five with Jeanine and Thomas After Their (Almost) Wedding Day

StormZilla Sam’s bridesmaids step up and storm out! Season 9, Episode 20 Web Exclusives. I see he didn’t listen. Why did he marry her!!

The way I see it—if I stay out of conflict, then bridezzilla life remains stress free. Jun 2, 9.

Bridezillas 9×2 Marlene & Jeanine Full Episode – Dailymotion Video

A wild look back at the Bridezillas archives reveals the top ten most episldes bridezillas: Will this Bridezilla’s finance become humiliated with the title “The groom whose bride did not show up”?


I thought you had a real update. Although Porsha agrees that Remy’s ghost-like friend needed a tan, she seriously questions Rob’s excessive use of makeup. If you do not see it in episdoes inbox, please check your junk or spam folder.

First of all, she has no respect for anyone or anything! When she makes a shocking threat, will her wedding even happen? They deserve each other.

Natalie Season 9, Episode 20 Web Exclusives. Full Episode days left. Porsha recaps Natalie’s second episode, calling her wedding “unprofessional. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? This Bridezilla can’t be stopped. Resume full ieanine where you left off Receive WE tv tune-in reminders Discuss your favorite shows with other fans. I’ve never seen this show. Along the same lines, what positive quality have you learned about yourself during this process?

According to P, this Bridezilla needs to get a clue. If your in-laws continue their actions, your marriage will fail. This zilla isn’t messing around. Specifically, one negative quality that you would like to change?

Her sister almost fought her at the wedding Lol!! Anyone that disrespects me or my family is getting dumped. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folder. I’ll link her “fan page”. Also, learn from my mistake and make sure that your husband-to be gives his parents a set of boundaries.

Tasha Spisodes 9, Episode 11 Web Exclusives. An email has been sent with instructions for resetting your password. Porsha crosses her T’s briddezilla dots her I’s on Bridezillas, Season 9.


Carmen’s groom threatens CougarZilla’s wedding. A verification email has been sent, please verify your account to post comments. Okay Tracy, time to come back to the real world. She takes advantage of the fact that I go along with whatever comes my way, and in turn she directs everything toward her own personal agenda.

Yall Remember That Ugly Black Girl And Emasculated White Guy From Bridezilla? Heres an update

Jennifer Season 9, Episode 14 Web Exclusives. He must enjoy it. Copy link below To share this on Facebook click on the link below Open Facebook back. I thought black women became the most docile, submissive women alive once they finally get their god, the white man?

Please enter your email address and you’ll receive a verification link to proceed. It was obvious within 5 seconds that infamous Bridezilla Jeanine had no intention on treating her emasculated husband Thomas and his family with a smidgen of respect on the Bill Cunningham Show late last week. If she had it her way, everybody would love her I say this from firsthand experience.