Why not translate all episodes? I found Binbir Gece — Will the secret between Sehrazat and Onur be revealed? Judy Ellison April 2, at 3: A friend of a friend of mine goes to a hardware store to buy a screw p Melek Ataman 71 episodes, Melahat Abbasova

Start your free trial. Some of us study and compare TV dramas and if no English subtitles are available it is difficult to do so. Mary Montes Porras November 15, at 4: Raechelle November 21, at I speak Spanish so I was able to watch some episode in Youtube in Spanish but I would really love to buy it…. Look how many other stations you can get great movies and TV shows. However, why is Netflix buying only the first series of these Turkish Dramas?

Please Netflix try you best. This TV series ended almost 9 years ago and todate Netflix only offers up to episode It is extremely frustrating, subtitless I hope a solution with be found soon, so that English-speaking viewers can enjoy the rest of this fabulous story!!

I am so disappointed I cannot get to watch the completion series of nights and Love and Punishment.

1001 Nights

In nights binbir gece tv series story, you will explore a love story which has a dark night in the past. Angelena Ekdi March 8, at 3: Vivian June 18, at 3: So disappointed in Netflix, why would you offer only one season. Firdevs 89 episodes, Nimet 42 episodes, Nehir Nil Karakaya Random Pictures of Turkey Add thumbnails like this to your site. Lesley February 10, at Thanks Rita, Which episode on youtube picks up after the 49 on netflix?


The proposal by her boss changes her life forever. Conversely, he has no feelings for her. Judy Ellison April 23, at 5: Start your free trial. Is it being broadcast in your country?

I am hoping they are working on the second subtifles. Kaan Evliyaoglu 83 episodes, Merih Ermakastar I need Season 2 and 3!!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This was better than Intersection which has not returned also. You can hear people omitting the letter r and the following vowel in t Has anyone found a qay to watch after episode 49?

Nights (TV Series –) – IMDb

Will Sehrazat forget about her dark night, the one night stand for money compensation? If you just feel the need to see a soap operathis is a very interesting and englishh of soap opera.

Major Vowel Harmony Turkish lesson by admin Level: I agree with this…I have watched many Netflix series only to be disappointed that the additional seasons are not available. Jaine April 22, at 7: I watched Nights on Netflix subtitled in English and really enjoyed it.

I see that I probably missed your topic with name. LuxmiBhakta August 8, at 5: The characters are well enough chosen and their acting is very good.

Binbir gece is I guess one of them. Raechelle November 21, at Netflix, I have never binge watched any tv show on regular tv or freee Netflix but I did with Magnificent Century and nights and now I am stuck why are the rest of the season,s and episodes not there I have not cared about watching any others series this much please please get the wqtch of the season and episodes subtitlss English subtitles I need to finish this!!!!!


I have now watched 4 Turkish Series and they are simply awsome. Mk carney May 16, at 2: Dorothy Lefebvre May 28, at 3: I binge watched the series and dying to watch the rest but Netflix stopped at episode 49… how could they!!! So what episode would youtube continue where I left off on Netflix.

These ending to these Turkish Drama Series is crazy. Bin bir gece you can see on youtube only type the name and then choose translate.

Nights (Binbir Gece) Tv Series

I wish turkish drama series was available on DVD in english. Great cast and the main wach married in real life!! Gani 82 episodes, I have looked on loads of sites but cannot see how to continue watching nights with English subtitles, after season 1 on Netflix.

Melek Ataman 71 episodes, Judy Ellison March subtiyles, at Melek Ataman 71 episodes, Melahat Abbasova Use the HTML below. Hayat Sarkisi TV Series Just finished watching Nights on Netflix — Great Acting, Good story, Beautiful country, interesting culture, handsome men and beautiful women.

Linda Croddick March 16, at 6: