Hailey Wade The Twerkin’ Texan. Kristen Kelly describing an incident that ensued prior to her altercation with Lea. I am honestly really upset they didnt explain that [during] the show. Christina Hopkins Agent Orange. They later discovered someone put PCP in my drink. Retrieved November 15, The Cheney Free Press.

Natalie Nunn The Socialite. One feature continued from season one was the way the show opened: Lexie Woltz The Wild Child. Danielle Rosario The Scrapper. Ashley Cheatham The Southern Belle. Andrea Bowman The Rhinestone Cowgirl.

In this season, Natalie Nunn season fourAmber Buell season three and Lea Beaulieu season five competed for true love. Whitney Collings The Straight Shooter. Huntington BeachCA. Susan Shermann The Ticking Bombshell.

The Futon Critic Press release.

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Nunn defended Brown, saying “Who cares, Rihanna was a punk bitch, and she got her ass beat for a reason”. Retrieved February 6, One feature continued from season one was the way the show opened: The girls were given the jobs of planning, decision making, and building cooperation. Jaimee Wallace The Queen of Twerkville. They later discovered someone put PCP in my drink. Natalie Nunn The Socialite. On April 12,cast member Tasha Malek complained to an on-duty police officer outside the Bad Girls house about the conduct of fellow cast member Nastasia Townsend.

It was broadcast after season six debuted on Oxygen, and focused on the cast of season six, occasionally bringing in “Bad Girls” from earlier seasons.


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The series was produced by Productions with SallyAnn Salsano as executive reunlon. She blamed the drug for her hitting cast-member, Lea Beaulieu, in the face, leading to a fight. People will hate you.

Season two was the first and only season of the Bad Girls Club to do this, and was also the last to air minute episodes.

Retrieved Hgc12 22, Kaila “Winter” Wilkey wiintrr. The format for the first season of Bad Girls Club was different from that of subsequent seasons. Retrieved January 30, In JanuaryOxygen released OxygenLive! Loren Jordan The Mobile Belle.

Jade Epiode The Party Diva. Portia Beaman The Pistol. Bunim-Murray has never licensed the show’s format to a broadcaster in another nation for a local version of the series.

The Bad Girls Club – S 12 E 16 – Reunion (2)

Sarah Oliver The Bootylicious Blondie. All seven women typically have different backgrounds and personalities. Beyond that, we haven’t figured it out yet. Thomas asked the girls several questions to prompt rumors and confessions. Cheyenne Evans The Texas Vixen.

She believed that the “average emotional age” appeared to be 15, in contrast to the girls’ real ages. Hailey Wade The Twerkin’ Texan. Christina Salgado The Sultry Spitfire. The episoed of season two were given mandatory non-profit jobs to help them build a work ethic and to experience the stabilizing effect of being interdependent with others, for example in teamwork and commitment, episodee equip them for success in later life.


All or most of the girls typically form cliques between each other; create havoc and antagonize each other; book parties in night clubs; and engage in sexual antics and other mischief, all awhile attempting to maintain their personal lives.

Nunn questioned this during the reunion show, [33] claiming that Brown had said it because the cast of the show had epieode yet been revealed. Throughout the show, dpisode “Bad Girls” must adapt to the frequent mood and behavior changes of their housemates.

This page was last edited on 10 Februaryat She claimed to have suffered bruises on her body when the man grabbed her and handled her roughly. Nicole “Nikki” Galladay The Prankster. Amy Cieslowski The Hot Mess. Retrieved October 4, Camilla Poindexter The Cali Cutthroat.