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Film Editor Favourite Outifts: This page was last modified on 23 September , at A young Film Editor Brief Introduction: He is one of the Best villain actor of Manipuri Films, however he comes in the best Role of good and heroic and became super star of Manipuri FHms. His body language and display of measured emotions were in tune with the demands of the complexities of the character. Paree Khuman was brought up in a family where none of the family members was enthusiastic of entertainment.

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Even when I took a break their love brought me back; and I will continue to do my best to give my love back through my work till I have the strength. Lastly, a message to your well wishers. I would say it happened in Kunti. But I would say I am very fortunate to be blessed with such a family who were open — minded and happily supported my career. From the very beginning he love watching comedy pictures and it was somewhere in andpopular Director-cum-comedian Oinam Mangi gave an advertisement in local newspapers that he was seeking a comedian in his next upcoming movie.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Back then films were produced in much lesser number so public tends to know each and every person involved in a film so they supported me through the journey of the Miss Manipur pageant too. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fortunately, on the way in his career journey when he was clicking pictures he met Ibochouba and Premananda who were professionally a filmmaker and producer under the Shree Shree Govindajee Film Production and asked him to work in Cine Still Studio which is located at Imphal.


When and how did you enter the film industry? Manipuri readers can help by converting these articles into an encyclopaedia-style entry, deleting portions of the kind normally not used in encyclopaedia entries.

Soon after acting in a movie for single shot he was approach by his uncle who owns a photo studio near to his residence to handle his camera and go for clicking pictures at marriage parties and other function. Lack of co-ordination is the main factor. To be a perfect film editor. But recently, with digital technology, it has become easier for both actors and producers. Personal tools Log in. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: When you got married, did you expect to continue your career as an actor?

Apart from it for the first time he got an opportunity to edit a Arunachal Pradesh film known as ” Doctor Abo “. People just fall in love with her from then on.

It made me realised how much public can raise you when you do good works. The leading actors 2 Manipuri cinema: They agreed, on my behalf, to a part of the project. Today he not only edit the Manipuri cinema but also various documentaries and Teleplay which are highlighted in Doordarshan Nonaglamdai Manipur.

Email required Address never made public. I feel nostalgic, obviously laughs. Previous Article Kevin Felix Chan.

I find no rehearsals and workshops anymore. This page has been accessed 14, times. Later, he quit working in Cine Still due to lack of equipments available in the shop. Yet to titled, movie produced by R. If the character of Manipuri cinema were to change, the actor in him is bound to shine beyond the horizon of Manipuri nongallamdai.


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Fortunately, for all of us, her in-laws were as cool as her, supporting her in what and who she nongalwmdai. I would introduce myself as someone basantaig is straight forward, simple and honest person. Watching movies based on comedies and listening to the music Profession: This page has, at the bottom, links to several other articles in Indpaedia.

Moreover, I have this principle of reaching the shooting spot on time not more than 5 minutes late so you can say it was quite difficult, but now I am used to it. We have taken care to archive only articles by publishing which their authors will not be deprived of any royalties.

Again, at Cine Still, he met Henary Salam whom he described as his eminent “Guru” throughout his life and from Paree learn various lesson ranging from animations to editing cinemas and many more. As a technician what problems you faced: The hallmark of a stupendous performance came in full form in the scene wherein he came to know nongslamdai his beloved was suffering from HIV. How do you manage your family and work?

What advice would you like to give to bassantagi aspiring actors?

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Maya Choudhury, famous for her role as Oja Sarla in Basantagi Nongallamdai and Kunti in 21st Century Kunti has been in the industry for more than a decade and has wooed many fans with her beauty, grace and sophisticated acting. Message to the society: There is always someone to prompt our lines. Of course there is. It was quite difficult at times but I managed in every way I could.