Obito doesn’t have his human body anymore. Naruto Page 1. Posted by lightoh ashford No comments: And I don’t know, but I have this crazy idea that Rin will appear in someway during Kakashi and Obito’s battle. I’m just glad he didnt do all this for a dead bitch. So the 3-Tails huh

Anyways this chapter was awesome, we finally get the full truth bout what happen to rin and alot of people speculate that she had a jinchuriki and that she was forced to be killed by kakashi and they were right for the most part. I was really not expecting this chapter. Anyways yet another surprise, why does obito have no heart?? Hahaha, im so happy i am right. Preview Manga Manga Store. Naruto Page 1. Now I do feel that Kakashi will die soon with all these hesitation he do. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

P or it could just be all a dream in which Naruto wakes up from a Coma episoee getting hit in the head from all the stupid shit he did when he was little: Anyways yet another surprise, why does obito have no heart?? So is Obito really hollow, or did he cast a genjutsu?

Naruto Chapter – Page Even I know they wouldn’t be able to sustatins the same maxed output the whole time. Omg, very interesting chapter. Kind of funny though.

We finally get closure on Rin’s death. This should make Sasuke realise that Obito really is to blame for this Obito was a pretty badass son of a bitch.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. And Obito is a Hollow now? But still too many useless pages where nothing happens or with the nakama BS.


Man these chapters just aren’t long enough and kill me lol.

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Did I just see a nuclear cloud? Onlind That was very interesting. You could read the latest and hottest naruto manga here. He’s still a cry baby. That’s not even close to the size and reach of what was shown in this chapter, not to mention how casually Obito pulled it off and kept fighting.

O So, is this the end of Obito? I think, if Episodd supplies the kages and hokages with Kyubi, the kage squad should be more than enough to handle Madara.

Both are kind of predictable, but the A-story borders on sappy and silly lately big heroic LOTR-style war against iomik enemy that should have the forces struggling and awestruck, Madara’s cartoonish bloodlust-grin, TnJ in the middle of an active warzone whereas the B-story is more restrained and sober. I can’t wait till Naruto awakens the Rinnegan, and I can’t wait till the Kages comes and Naruto shits bricks that Sasuke and Orochimaru are there to help. Plus people trying to protect Naruto which is dpisode futile.

Seeing what the kages can do with Kyubi chakra would be pure boss. So Naruto will be out of the battle soon. Posted by mark jerald tamisin at I didn’t expect her to be used as a jinchuriki.

Naruto Chapter 629 Discussion

Sweet chapter, the 2 weeks wait was not in vain. Next chapter, not expecting much.


Though I find it nice to see the juubi sees Naruto as someone similar to the sage: We already saw that Madara and Hashirama reached their limits in their battle. This was a good chapter. He is pretty much uses a body of a clone from Hashirama’s cells. Read Naruto Naruro online.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Here we are for the latest NarutoGet to watch the next Naruto manga I doubt Naruto will get Rinnegan eyes. Damn, that’s two badass SoBs we got as the “final” villains now, Obito and Madara.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Tuesday, April 23, Naruto Manga – Page Juubi already felt Rikudo in Naruto: Perhaps only Obito’s head is the only part of his body that is still his own. Obito doesn’t have his human body anymore.

I’m pretty sure the Juubi hates the Sage more than anything else.

She was going to become a jinchuuriki. Rin being the Sanbi jinchuriki was quite a surprised. She sacrificed herself so pnline the Leaf wouldn’t be destroyed by the 3-Tails. Imo, it’s very possible that Naruto could obtain the Rinnegan.

I just have this feeling. I’d personally like to see Oonoki come through on his promise and make sure the current kages are the ones to defeat Madara.