Top Moments From the Oscars. Aylavyu I love you , against all odds Yoghurtjuice should be available, you can drink when we arrive. But this is really getting absurd! This is the world of transience; so many changes, so long distances. All Mardin passengers please, get in the bus. I need to get in

Fehime, shame on you! But your father said so many things. She doesn’t understand that it’s because of fear! No matter how much angry gets Aga! Don’t mention it dad. Even if we say it doesn’t exist, there is a village, far away

Well you’re right, I cannot ask you to stay You’ve grown up too Oh God, look at them!

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They are supposed to send an air ambulance from Incirlik Base. They don’t understand even Turkish, how can they speak Kurdish? Well, world is based on a balance, what can you do? That’s not a problem, her accent improves here! It’s expected for such a long time but not like this! They are human, just like us! You handled the introduction very well. Everybody agrees on the fact that this attack is a turning-point for the world This is incredible.


They don’t understand, relax. Now he is a men! There will be a free party tonight. Why the hell you’re interfering?

It can be, son. How are you, brother-in-law?

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Who is that bastard? I try all of them one by one, Aga. Oh my God, she’s so pretty! I bet, a ball It’s a ball, he said Till the guilty one is punished, nobody can move. Yeah, it was obligatory.

For coming to the wedding that we had to organize second time You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Ibrahim on the other hand, is head over heels in love OK, come on please.

Red-alarm all over the world America has to re-consider and revise everything What are you talking about? Father Hanna, it’s me, Ibrahim. How did you get to know this? Thanks for the presents. They met each other by means of a bear Take me as well out of this village! Don’t cry anymore, you got sick. Ibrahim, you made us the village’s subject of gossip! Please be cool, no panic!

We will not evacuate our village. Of course, it’s another question why we might be getting in Of course there are some exceptions What did you do Saido, is it over? How can you organize a wedding here? Ibrahim, have you really seen the sea? That means Tinne doesn’t exist?


You don’t eat at all They say Aga is a foreigner, what a pity! Do you have wireless? Shame on you to keep saying it while I haven’t found my love yet! This is my second mother.

Ay Lav Yu with English Subtitle

Might they be cheating us about her virginity? Ass is ass, what else I can say? It’s only ‘love’, that laav We will all feel totally comfortable!

We couldn’t have even water and electricity serviced yet They don’t have it here.